March 4, 2024

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Tragedy in Uruguay: Eight-year-old boy and teenager die after falling trees during storm

Tragedy in Uruguay: Eight-year-old boy and teenager die after falling trees during storm

The storm also took its toll Uruguay. A An eight-year-old boy and a man died Due to falling trees on this Sunday A strong storm.

One of the events took place at Camp Artigas in Santa Regina Resort. While the boy was at a holiday camp, a tree fell on the cabin where he was sleeping.

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The child died instantly Four other minors were also rescued The staff and doctors of the Christian Association of Youth (ACJ) helped them with their injuries.

As for the other victim, he is a 19-year-old youth He was traveling on Route 1 with his motorcycleAt kilometer 129. According to local media, the tree fell on the road and hit two motorcycles, one with two people and the other with only one rider.

Trees fell in Colonia after a strong storm on Sunday. (Photo: @Estacion_bcp)

The driver of the second motorcycle He died at the scene at 4:35 p.m. On the other hand, two other motorcyclists, aged 16 and 19, were taken to Camec Sanatorium with injuries, Caminera police said. As they described, they had many Injuries and fractures.

Director of National Emergency Organization (CENE) explained the observer Trees are said to have fallen in several areas. In the Santa Regina resort where the boy died, more than 50 trees were reported to have fallen and two houses were affected. Meanwhile, Santa Ana and Artilleros suffered similar damage.

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Likewise, a tree fell on a motorhome near Ferrando Beach in Colonia A 54-year-old man suffered injuries. Firefighters found him injured and took him immobilized on a stretcher to the emergency room due to cervical trauma.

As they pointed out, the storms reached Colonia with winds of 150 km/h, which were recorded early in the morning. The force is similar to that recorded in Bahia Blanca, where 13 people died.