September 26, 2023

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Despite two requests from the Department of Justice, Interpol refused to locate and arrest Alejandro Sánchez.

Despite two requests from the Department of Justice, Interpol refused to locate and arrest Alejandro Sánchez.

The international police twice refused to activate the red alert and temporarily detained Alejandro SanchezFormer adviser to former President Pedro Castillo (2021-2022) accused of corruption and arrested this week by border guards in Texas (USA) when he tried to cross the border irregularly in the city of Eagle Pass, Mexico.

According to a report released today on Sunday end point, Interpol Peru received a request to issue a notice against the businessman, who has been under a 30-month detention order since November last year. However, the headquarters in Lyon (France) pointed out that the case was “mainly political” and the request was dismissed last February in application of Article 3 of its law.

In the same month, the Peruvian justice system again raised the demand with evidence and signs against the owner of the Sarredia house – where Castillo held unofficial meetings to coordinate illegal activities – but Interpol rejected it again in a letter published a few weeks later. Before.

“Something serious is happening here and as a country we must make a strong protest against the biased actions of Interpol. […] “This is a completely biased administrative procedure without equality of arms, in which no competent authorities can contact, except for the body that depends on Interpol Peru,” the anti-corruption lawyer said on Sunday. Javier Pacheco.

ALFREDO REBAZA, the head of the Office for International Judicial Cooperation and Extradition, noted that the international police “does not have an obligation to follow what the judge says” because it has its own rules. “Beyond coercion, if they decide not to do it, they have no recourse.” [porque] “This is not a national authority,” the lawyer noted.

They demand the immediate location and capture of Alejandro Sanchez. Chanel N

For its part, George Angulo, the General Commander of the National Police (PNP), declared that the agency does not know how Sanchez escaped from the national territory. “We have thousands and thousands of kilometers of border and it would be very difficult to tell you where you went or if you left on foot, by vehicle or by commercial or private aircraft,” he said.

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The businessman, who is being preliminarily detained at a center in Texas, is accused of being involved in a criminal organization that sought to make “illegal profits” through irregularities in the awarding of public works. ‘Shadow Cabinet’.

His whereabouts have been unknown since October 2022, when he was due to appear in court after a police operation in which prosecutors raided the homes and offices of those involved. Although he had a valid visa to enter the United States, he did not use it because he left the country irregularly. Immigrations recorded his last departure for Washington in September 2021.

“Essentially, [ahora] Depending on the case, there should be an extradition process between three weeks and a month,” Peru’s Consul General in Houston told the Sunday newspaper. Jaime Arrospite.

Meanwhile, the External Affairs Ministry said, “It is holding talks North American authorities” So the accused faces justice after being expelled. Sanchez owns a house in Lima that was seized by the Justice Department in July. Castillo used this place to meet with his friends and businessmen shortly after his election as president.

The prosecutor’s office attributed illegal actions in the general agreement to the ‘shadow cabinet’ from June 2021, in the absence of formal meetings and appointments to the Government Palace, Congress or the Ministries of Economy and Housing.

He accused the organization of creating security networks, concealing interrogators, defamation and harassment against investigative agencies. Last July, the absconding former fugitive announced that he would not turn himself in because, in his view, he had committed no crime.

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“It was an arbitrary detention and my lawyer can explain it, not in terms of generalities. If my lawyer decides, I have no problem. [en entregarme]. For the sake of my safety, my freedom and my right to life, I cannot tell you where I am right now,” he later said in an interview with journalist Milagros Leiva.

His ministers, along with the President, after giving an assessment of his administration, Tina Polwarte, described that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already begun to coordinate, so that Sánchez Sánchez is sent to Peru, not Mexico.

“We have already learned and the Ministry of External Affairs is implementing. […] The only thing is that we are going to stand firm as a government so that anyone who escapes the laws should come to their due and we are always going to fight against corruption,” said the Head of State.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already taking the necessary coordination so that this man is quickly deported from the United States to Peruvian territory, not to Mexican territory, but to Peruvian territory where he will be held accountable by the Peruvian justice system,” he added.