September 29, 2023

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Justice will try to reconstruct the story of the young man who said he was abused by Arakar Office of the former President’s Counsel in the magnifying glass

Justice will try to reconstruct the story of the young man who said he was abused by Arakar  Office of the former President’s Counsel in the magnifying glass

Friday, September 8 from 6:30pm to 10:50pm. That was Judge Santiago Guan Zavalia’s time Former presidential adviser and current activist Patricia Bulrich will try to reconstruct what happened between Antonio Aracar and the 17-year-old who reported sexual abuse..

According to new information emerging from the case, the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of Commune 14 of the city police It focuses on those times and what happened in the defendant’s office and home.

Investigative sources revealed that one of the raided apartments was located on Arevalo Street – the location of Aragre’s office. The victim pointed to the location where the alleged abuse took place.

The judge questioned the police Check whether there are cameras inside the property and in common areas of the building such as hallways, entrance halls, elevators and garages.. The other address on Berutty Street is the flat where Aragre lives.

According to the complaint, Quian Zavalia asked experts from the technical support department to go beyond hijacking the BMW X4 truck carrying the Aragre teenager. If you have a GPS system that can extract your geolocation data between 6:30pm and 10:50pm on Friday, install it.and that, if available, a satellite tracking agency is identified that can provide the location of the truck.

The reality is that the judge will try to prove the story given by the teenager along with the videos and the location of the BMW beyond what expert reports can confirm based on the seized clothes and sheets or the clues found in the house and truck. About them He was with the accused for almost four and a half hours. At both the places, various items like quilts, towels, towels, underwear, clothes, computer equipment and a BMW X4 vehicle were seized on Sunday.

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In practice, The businessman was not arrested, but was duly informed about the formation of the case and rights to assist him as an accused.

In this regard, the judge ordered The businessman and political consultant cannot come within 500 meters of the complainant, her boyfriend and the school they attend in the Montserrat neighbourhood. Do not contact them or their family members by phone or any type of computer message.

Complaint against Aracre

The teenager filed a complaint with her mother at Neighborhood Police Station 14 C. According to the story, the 17-year-old victim and her 18-year-old boyfriend, both high school students, met Arara last Friday around 5 p.m. 30pm at London City Bar, located on the corner of Avenida de Mayo and conduct a political interview.” The complaint alleged that both the accused knew each other beforehand.

But after some time, the complainant’s partner left Aracre took the 17-year-old to an apartment on Aravallo Street where the abuse allegedly took place.and took him in a BMW truck at night to his home on Santa Fe Avenue, where the teenager told his mother what had happened, and they both went to file a complaint.

Antonio Aragre was the CEO of Chinese seed company Syngenta and resigned last January to become Alberto Fernández’s presidential adviser. In October 2022, he announced his departure, and in February 2023, he was appointed as the head of advisers to the president. however, Aragre’s prominence within the presidential circle and some leaks of misguided government activities strained his relationship with Economy Minister Sergio Massa.

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Aragre diverged from Massa by questioning not only inflation but also the national government’s exchange rate policy, which created deep discomfort in the Treasury Palace. Finally, on April 18, his interim period in government came to an end.

In his latest appearances on social networks, the former official supported presidential candidate Patricia Fulrich for change.