March 4, 2024

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Dola Tours and Travel Abroad: Opportunity to buy cheap tickets and packages today

Dola Tours and Travel Abroad: Opportunity to buy cheap tickets and packages today

After announcements by Economy Minister Luis Caputo on Tuesday afternoon and details provided by the central bank on Wednesday morning, There is an opportunity to buy cheap tickets and packages to travel abroad before the tourist dollar rises.

The time window to use the benefits will be managed until the tax changes are implemented and tourism companies adapt their systems, A non-automatic process. For now, most agencies and electronic sales platforms Yesterday’s price continues.

Organizations in this industry take many hours to adapt their collection structure Only between Thursday and Friday do they expect to receive services in the new tourist dollar. The key is to be quick to close purchases Before the new exchange rate comes into effect Tickets and packages paid by debit or credit card cost 30% more.

The best option is flights to foreign destinations paid in pesosGiven that Airlines usually change their charging systems within 24 to 48 hours The International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s global distribution systems (GDS) are the means by which the company’s affiliated airlines manage the sale of international tickets.

Starting this Wednesday, A dollar card for consumption abroad and foreign travel expenses cost $1,280. After the devaluation of the official exchange rate, it became worth $800, and used the determination of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). Reduced the tax burden on these activities from 155% to 60%: 25% down payment on personal assets disappears, income tax receipt rate is reduced from 100% to 30% and 30% state tax is maintained.

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Tickets and packages to foreign destinations paid by debit or credit card will cost 30% more.

However, despite the lower tax burden, due to the devaluation of the official exchange rate The 60% surcharge now applied to $800 of the official dollar is, in practice, nearly 30% more than was paid to the tourist dollar until days ago. (Previously, $400 paid by the officer was taxed at 155%. quote $1020).

It should be clarified that The exchange rate was very expensive in the first two days of this week Because in a market with virtually no movement, banks were anticipating a liquidity move ahead of Caputo’s announcements. $700 is retail dollars, so tourist dollars Its value is $1490. Even so, in the field they recognize without reference value, Most of the activity closed between Monday and Tuesday was picked up at $1020 from the previous days, Although There were small purchases International tour services at the beginning of the week.

In the tourism industry, there is an expectation of what the demand will beTaking into account that the tourist dollar will not be stable at this rate, but a creeping peg in the coming weeks, the government predicts an official exchange rate of managed and gradual devaluation. 2% monthly, will do The tourist dollar is expensive again.

Operators are confident that sales will pick up, despite an initial drop in demand.

Despite this, Operators are confident that sales will pick up, despite an initial drop in demand, driven by people who continue to plan to travel despite the environment, and by tourists who expect higher discounts and early purchases, determine the final price of their trip. In that sense, Flight and hotel packages, along with ‘all-inclusive’ services offered by all-inclusive chains, are in high demand these days.

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In the last two weeks, 65% of Avantrip’s sales are to international destinations, 30% of which are for trips in January, with Miami and Orlando leading the way. Now, Brazil and the Caribbean are the preferred destinations. “Of the international reserves measured in transactions, 7% of sales are to Rio de Janeiro6% for Punta Cana and Bayahibe, 4% for Cancun, 3% for Píos, 3% for Playa del Carmen and 3% for Varadero,” he commented. Gabriel Bianchi, Product Manager at Avontrip.

Administrator instructed Close the purchase as early as possible and compare prices Going out, for example, on weekdays, like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. “With this change on the day of departure, you can save a lot. If you are looking for the best price, It is recommended to avoid high demand dates Christmas, New Year, Carnival and Easter etc,” he suggested.

To save, experts recommend closing the purchase as early as possible and comparing prices for different dates.

In Almundo, sales surged after a recent increase in the tourism dollar announced days after the previous government ended its mandate. “In the last days, We got positive results, With 70% of sales to foreign destinations. Miami, Madrid, Punta Cana and Rio de Janeiro are the most sought after,” he surveyed. Brenda Gache, Almundo Product Manager.

while, Martin Romano, CEO of Atrapalo admitted: “Demand may be constrained Because people seek to understand the situation, but we consider it The same journey will continue and sales will continue to grow in the medium term“As they have done in recent months despite the situation in the country.”