March 4, 2024

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10 Israeli soldiers killed in terrorist ambush in northern Gaza Strip

10 Israeli soldiers killed in terrorist ambush in northern Gaza Strip

The British navy warned of another “incident” in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen

Photo of a Houthi helicopter flying over the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea. Houthi military media/REUTERS/Manual via file

The British Navy warned this Wednesday New “Incident” in South Red SeaAnd the ships asked “Travel with caution” Where in that area? Yemen’s Houthi Shia rebels They have recently attacked several ships in response to Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The British Navy’s Merchant Marine Operations (UKMTO) warned on its X account (formerly Twitter) today that it had “received a report of an incident at close range. Bob El Monteb50 nautical miles west of Yemen’s Hodeidah port.

“Vessels are advised to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to the UKMTO,” he added.

The new warning comes after Yemen’s Houthi rebels, backed by the Iranian regime, said on Tuesday that Attack on Norwegian Oil Tanker “En route to Israel” with “Naval Missile”..

Israel attacked Syrian military positions in response to the missile launch

Israel He promised on Wednesday that there would be Attacked Syrian military positionsIn response to attacks from Syria against Israeli territory on Tuesday.

According to an Israeli military statement, Israel’s attacks by aircraft and tanks were directed against Syrian military infrastructure.

Tuesday, A missile launched from Syria hit IsraelAfter Israeli forces detected three missiles fired from Syrian territory, without any evidence that they caused any casualties.

Two of them fell in Syria and one in Israel, all in “open areas,” according to the Israeli military.

10 Israeli soldiers killed in ambush by Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers on a street in Jenin. EFE/EPA/ALAA PADARNE/FILE

He Israeli army announced on Wednesday 10 soldiers were killed on Tuesday in a terrorist attack In the north of the Gaza Strip, what was A very sad day For the troops since the start of the war with Hamas.

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Of the ten soldiers killed in the last hour, Seven were from the elite Golani Brigade Ambushed by Hamas men Shujaya.

On the other hand, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked some 250 Hamas targets Heavy fighting in various areas in last 24 hours Gaza StripAmong the dead 10 players, A very deadly day for the Israeli forces.

Israel strikes 250 Hamas targets in Gaza in heavy fighting

“The ground, air and naval forces of the Israel Defense Forces continue to conduct precision strikes against terrorist targets and infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip, with more than 250 terrorist targets hit in the past day,” a military spokesman said.

Fighting rages in the enclave’s second largest city. Khan Younis, in the south; But in many forts in the north, like Beat Lahia, Jabaliya and ShujayaA suburb of Gaza City.

In Shujaya, considered one of Hamas’s strongholds, the Israeli military discovered a report today “Terror Cell” It was on its way to launch rockets at Israel and was attacked by the Israeli Air Force.

“Troops directed an IAF aircraft to attack a terrorist cell and a rocket launcher,” an army statement said of the operation in Shujaya, where seven of its soldiers died.

Israel confirms 135 abducted by Hamas in Gaza: 19 killed

A man poses for photos of Israeli hostages held captive by armed Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip on October 7, displayed on a table in the colors of the Israeli flag, amid the ongoing Jewish holiday of Hanukkah in the country. Clashes between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas in Tel Aviv, Israel on December 12, 2023. REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura

Israel This Wednesday confirmed that there are 135 hostages held by Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza and other fighters, 19 of them have already diedAccording to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

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One of those kidnapped by Hamas in the Strip 124 Israelis, 8 Thais, one Nepali, one Tanzanian and one French-Mexican.

Hostages held in the Palestinian territories since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel 116 males and 19 femalesAmong them Two minors and ten above 75 years of ageAccording to the statement of the office.

The two children are brothers Ariel and Kafir Bibas, 4 years and 10 monthsrespectively, with their parents, Shiri Silverman BipassArgentinian descent, and her husband Yarden Bipass.

Pope Francis called for the resumption of ceasefire talks and the release of all hostages.

Pope Francis gives a blessing at the end of the weekly general audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall on December 13, 2023. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

He Pope Francisco He asked today Immediate ceasefire And all sides are involved in the conflict in the Gaza Strip RenegotiationsJust like this Release all hostages immediatelyThey are in the hands of the terrorist group Hamas.

At the end of a general meeting in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, the pontiff launched a new appeal for peace, explaining that the conflicts in Israel and Palestine continue with “great concern and anguish.”

“I renew my call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. There is a lot of suffering” said the Pope.

And he continued: “I encourage all parties involved to resume negotiations and urge all to make an urgent commitment to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the exhausted and truly needy Gazans.”

The Pope also called for the “immediate release of all the hostages who were hoping for a ceasefire a few days ago, and for an end to this great suffering for Israelis and Palestinians.”

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“No weapons please, yes peace!”, he cried at the end of the trial.

Israel has raised the number of soldiers killed in Gaza to 115 since the start of the war with Hamas terrorists

Tel Aviv security forces claim 10 dead among its troops in last day (EUROPA PRESS/ARCHIVE)

The Israeli army announced today, Wednesday 115 soldiers lost their lives in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of its offensive against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Fighting in the northern Gaza Strip killed 10 soldiers on TuesdayThe same source assured that October 27 was the most dangerous day for the Israeli army since the start of its ground operations.

HRW accused Houthi rebels of committing war crimes for attacking civilian ships in the Red Sea.

The organization recalled that these types of attacks are “prohibited under any circumstances” under international humanitarian law. The groups occupying part of the Yemeni territory have the support of the Iranian regime

HRW accuses Houthi rebels of war crimes for attacking civilian ships in the Red Sea (EUROPA PRESS/FILE)

The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleged Yemen’s Houthi rebels to do War crimes for their attacks against Civil ships It contains Red Sea The aim is to prevent ships from arriving in the final weeks Israel Through this path.