February 23, 2024

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Ecuador's criminal gangs hold 178 hostages and control seven prisons across the country

Ecuador's criminal gangs hold 178 hostages and control seven prisons across the country
Seven prisons in Ecuador hold 178 people

The Comprehensive Care Service, the agency responsible for Ecuadorian prisons, 178 people are held hostage by criminal gangs in seven prisons in the country. The update comes four days after the riots began. Law enforcement has not yet been able to enter the prisons, despite measures to release detainees and maintaining security protocols.

The official announcement was made on January 11 at noon Not mentioning the status of retained guides and officers. Wednesday, presentation First official presence On the side of the Armed Forces, Jaime Vela, Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, according to information received by the Armed Forces from the Prison Service (SNAI), “No hostages were killed”. This Wednesday afternoon, Ecuador's prison security and surveillance force workers union presented a legal action and rejected the continued kidnapping of prison agents taken hostage in prisons.

Prisons where hostages are held are located in the provinces El Oro, Cotopaxi, Loja, Azue, Tungurahua, Canar and Esmeraldas.

Law enforcement is still trying to enter the prison. EFE/Jose Jacome

Police officials in Loja told local reporters that 16 guides have been detained in the city's jail since Tuesday and that jail officials are safe.

On the night of January 10, 2024, the prison service also reported incidents caused by inmates at El Oro prison: “Together with the National Police, we are working to restore order,” they said.

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While in prison in Santo Domingo Escape of three prisoners and inter-organizational operations implemented. He is constantly searching. Similarly, at the Esmeraldas prison, in the early hours of January 11, a group of inmates from inside the facility shot and killed armed soldiers outside. The prison department said that the armed forces took action to control the situation.

Fabrizio Colon Pico or El Salvaje sent a message to Daniel Noboa.

Amid a serious security crisis EcuadorThe leader Wolves In Pichincha, Fabrizio Colon PicoHe escaped from jail on January 9 and was surprised by a video asking the president for help. Daniel Nobowa.

In the clip, which circulated on social networks, the criminal, known as El Salvaje, is shown in the foreground wearing a black, gray and yellow sweatshirt and a hat, appealing directly to the president.

“Good afternoon, my name is Fabricio Colon Pico Suarez. Today, January 11, I am making this video for the President and the citizens to see. I have nothing to hide, I want to surrender Mr. President,” he begins. “Understand, President, you Guarantee my life, nothing will happen to me, I surrender. I repeat because I have nothing to do with the charge leveled against me,” said the fugitive.

Daniel Nobowa has assured that his government will not submit to the conditions of the terrorists. (Europa Press/Communication/Alejandro Pace)

Nobo didn't take long to respond to the crime boss, although his words were not what the drug kingpin expected, rather they were in line with the protocol followed by his administration since day one in office.

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“Terrorists must be treated with terrorists and we will act decisively”He started by saying Completely rejected the possibility of negotiation With him or any other terrorist because “the country is tired of criminals setting conditions”.

“The conditions are good people, Ecuadorian families, government, government… not criminals,” he added. The President said otherwise “He gives himself up if he wills, and no one stops him”.