February 23, 2024

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Another alarming prediction by Baba Vanga has come true so far in 2024: What other predictions did he make this year?

Another alarming prediction by Baba Vanga has come true so far in 2024: What other predictions did he make this year?

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Vangelia Bandeva Dimitrovawell-known”Baba Vanga“, it's my birthday Bulgaria By 1911, he was a psychic and clairvoyant recognized worldwide for his prophetic abilities.

Throughout her life, Vanga made many predictions that attracted the attention of many and earned her a reputation.Nostradamus of the Balkans“.

Your gift Revealed through visions He explained that News from the future. Although some of his predictions are subject to debate and skepticism, his followers believe that many of them have come true in surprising ways.

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However, one of his predictions for 2024 has already come true, but there are others that are yet to come true. What did he predict? Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga: Another omen of the seer come true

Last Sunday, January 7, International Airport Rafiq Hariri of BeirutIt contains LebanonLocation of the cyber attack.

Accordingly, a message was sent on the screens where the flights and their schedules were reported. Lebanese Christian Group known as “Soldiers of God“.

user @kaisos1987 Through social networking X, “Today they were able to put a message on the electronic screens of Beirut International Airport,” he explained.

“In the name of an extremist Christian organization called 'Soldiers of God,' he attacks Hezbol Airport for using it for his own needs and those of Iran, and for dragging Lebanon into war,” the publication concludes.

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This event is part of the predictions Baba Vanga revealed. Cyber ​​attacks by 2024 a Security threat.

Ritual to improve your desires that you should perform on the night of January 11, Amavasha

“American Nostradamus” who predicted the death of Kennedy and the war in Russia-Ukraine now sees the cities in ruins.

What other predictions does Baba Vanga share for 2024?

When Baba Vanga was 12 years old, a tornado lifted her into the air and threw her into a field, leaving her injured and blind. The young lady was in the hospital for several months He started claiming to be able to see the future.

Vanga began to receive visitors to receive her advice and predictions, and soon became known for her Ability to predict future eventsBoth big and small.

Baba Vanga was right in his most famous predictions of the deaths of Soviet leaders Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev and Mikhail Gorbachev. (Source: Archive).

Among the prophecies I have shared, I have predicted in 2024:

  • There will be a major economic crisis: Wanga A Increase in loan amountIncreased geopolitical tensions, and Displacement of economic power From west to east.
  • New dangerous climate changes will include: By 2024, They will come Dangerous weather events And Natural disasters. For clairvoyants, this event will cause climate changes and an increase in radiation levels.
  • Assassination attempts are possible: In his predictions he predicted the President Russia, Vladimir PutinHe will be killed by someone close to him.
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Vanga's predictions are controversial and some believe they are accurate, while others believe they are simply coincidences. (Source: Archive).

  • Powerful weapons will arise and there will be terrorist attacks: Another prediction of 2024 is that a “big country” will be able to implement Experiments or attacks with biological weapons. Likewise, he explained that a terrorist attack may also come in Europe.

Buy though Died on August 11, 1996 At the age of 85. At his grave Ruby, BulgariaA place of pilgrimage for those who believe in their psychic abilities.

I left the predictions up The year is 5089Because, according to her, that will be the moment we know the end of humanity.