May 22, 2024

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Eduardo Eurnacian was awarded the Gold Medal by the American Society

Colombian President Eduardo Eurgenic, Ivan Duke, Pilar Arosemina de Aleman, founder of Piomasio, in Panama (Infobe)

Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnacian Presented this Tuesday American Society, One of the most important and influential organizations United States And at a meeting attended by key business leaders, government employees, diplomats and community leaders across the continent. This recognition was given for his contribution as a fundamental man in the Latin American business community and for his recognized charity in the region and around the world.

Received a gold medal from the company founded in 1965 by the Eugene David Rockefeller “Worthy of his business and philanthropic career. “, As the system points out. The awards ceremony was presided over by Susan L. Sekel, President and CEO of the American Society and Council of America, one of the finest locations in New York: Tavern on the Green in the center of Central Park. The Argentine ambassador to the United States was also present Jorge ArcelloAnd merchants Christian Radasi, Guillermo Francos And Ernesto Guterres.

Chairman and Founder Corporation of America One of the most important economic federations in Latin America One of the three personalities who got a special at night New York: The other two were presidents Colombia, Evan Duke And Pilar Arosemina from Aleman, Founder Biomusio, On Panama.

The Gold medal Creates the most important award American Society, A company founded 55 years ago Rockefeller And it brings together the most powerful and influential merchants from across the continent every year.

The American Society is an organization dedicated to education, discussion and dialogue in the various countries that make up the continent. Its heritage headquarters are located on 680 Park Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The organization promotes understanding and discussion of common economic, political and social problems in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

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The heritage building where the company operates is listed in the National Historic Site Register. It was formerly owned by banker and philanthropist Percy Revington Pine, before serving as Soviet ambassador to the United Nations until its current use. Along with the neighboring buildings of the Raina Sofia Spanish Institute and the Italian Consulate, this house is one of the few integrated architectural groups left on Park Avenue.

Eduardo Eurgenian, President and CEO of the American Society (Infobe) Susan L.  President and Founder of Corporation America with Segel
Eduardo Eurgenian, President and CEO of the American Society (Infobe) Susan L. President and Founder of Corporation America with Segel

Complete speech by Eduardo Eurnacian

Good evening ladies.

I am very honored and grateful to have been selected as the Gold Medalist of the American Society. A special thank you to my dear friend Susan, for her introduction.

I would like to congratulate the other award recipients tonight:

Pilar Arosemina from Aleman

President Evan Duke

Receiving the Gold Medal from the American Society motivates me to pursue the values ​​I share with this outstanding organization: economic and social development, open markets, the rule of law and democracy across the Western Hemisphere.

Tonight, together in this room, we are united in the idea of ​​who we are as a continent.

Today, exactly five hundred and twenty-nine years ago, Christopher Columbus introduced our continent (The second largest planet, 28% of the Earth’s surface) For other parts of the world, put it on the map. Today, the map of the American continent covers 35 countries.

Perhaps tonight we will have the opportunity to ask ourselves how each of those 35 American countries is effectively related to the other region.

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In each of those countries, the questions to be asked are:

– Are minority voices heard?

– Are their interests taken into account, with agreements based on initiatives that they can also support?

More specifically, Columbus opened the door to the arrival of European civilization, and many of us are here today because this land welcomed immigrants from Europe, but – more and more – from many corners of the world.

These immigrants overcame strong differences and integrated into the host community, while at the same time creating a new culture.

“Man lives real human life because of culture”This is something we must constantly protect, and it should never be taken lightly.

But not only that: too We must consolidate our democracies and modernize our economies. In this sense, we have to thank companies that cross borders and individuals who make a difference in different fields.

But today democracy is threatened by waves of social discontent and popular ideology.

The tragic and repetitive conflicts of the last century show that both action and reaction are part of the evolutionary process of history.

It is this tension that often leads to growth and innovation and is also an expression of the freedom we enjoy.

In this context, the potential of countries acting in and out of global challenges is high:

– Climate change and the lowering of the oceans

– Diseases and Infections

– Massive human migration

– Threats to cyber security

– A new arms race

– Terrorism

As we know, technology has recently taken its own life, for example through genetic engineering.

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States are not the only ones affected by this evolution. There is a risk that any individual will control you and multiply potential threats.

Lack of this control can mean acceleration on the way to self-destruction.

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