April 15, 2024

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They are investigating the brutal police attack on an African-American paralyzed patient in Ohio New security case of security forces rocking the United States

American City Police Dayton, In the state of Ohio, opened an investigation after it became known A video In which you see Two officers violently dragged a disabled man from a vehicle. A recent post by the Dayton Police Department shows how an African American is Clifford Owensby, 39, repeatedly shouts that he was prevented from getting out of his car because he could not use his legs.

Police were searching for drugs inside the vehicle, but found a dollar bag and a three-year-old boy sitting in the back. James Willis, Owensby’s attorney said he would file a formal lawsuit against the agents, considering what happened. “Illegal and unnecessarily brutal”. Condemning a new case of police violence, family members and activists staged a demonstration at a meeting of the Dayton City Commission on Wednesday morning.

Violent sequence

“I can’t go out. I’m a stroke patient.”In the video, which is more than 10 minutes long, Owensby is heard repeating himself in front of police. One of the agents replied that he was going to help her, but the young African American replied that he was afraid to get hurt.

Police repeatedly told officers that body camera footage showed Owensby not being able to get out of the car, threatening to sue, asking if neighbors were taking pictures, and calling them “real police.”

During the heated conversation, Owensby refused to get out of the car and a policeman panicked and threatened to pull him out. “Can you cooperate and get out of the car or I’ll just pull you out. Do you see the two options you have?”, He is heard to say.

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Finally, several agents pull Owensby out of his arms and hair and call for help. They grab him by the back and take him out of the car and lay him on the asphalt. The incident took place on September 30 when the person was delayed by police in a traffic control.

There was a bag with $ 22,450 in the car and a three-year-old child in the back seat. Owensby He was fined for not wearing a minor with a regulated seat belt and for wearing tinted windows. He was cited for blocking security agents and resisting arrest.

The police report says Agents wanted to investigate the vehicle for possession of drugs. Police say they saw Owensby leave the address where the drug was allegedly sold.

The beginning of the trial

Dayton Mayer, I fence, This incident is “very worrying” In a report on National Public Radio. That’s why the city immediately released body camera footage. Everyone involved is being investigatedFence explained, “No matter where or how you live, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect as far as Dayton Police is concerned.”

Civil rights groups are also investigating the incident. “Pull this man out of the car by the hair, a stroke, This is completely unacceptable, inhumane and sets a bad example in our big city of Dayton.“, He said Washington Post Derrick ForwardNational Association for the Advancement of Colorful People (NAACP).

However, the head of the fraternity lodge order of the Dayton Police, Jerome Ten, Defended the actions of the police. “They complied with the law, their training and the practices and policies of the department. Sometimes it is not nice to arrest people who do not cooperate, but they have to maintain public safety, ”Dix told the newspaper. Dayton Daily News.

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“They do not respect me as a citizen”

Speaking at the press conference, Owensby assured that the incident was “inhumane”. “They have no respect for me, no respect for my well-being.”Owensby told the local Dayton newspaper He suffered from scratches and back problems while hitting the sidewalk It was pulled from the past.

“I think they don’t even respect me as a citizen,” Owensby said, warning that he expects “some sort of disciplinary action”.

His lawyer, James R. Willis, Despite arguing that the Dayton Police Union had forcibly followed the procedure recommended by its officers, warned that the manner in which the officers behaved towards their client was unreasonable. Willis, however, explained that he did not directly blame the authorities involved in the incident.

“Whether it’s the government or the city, I blame the people who should have certified them and taught them before unleashing them in front of the community.”Willis added: “They should have been informed of their jurisdiction.”

Prosecutors also questioned the motive behind giving Dayton police the right to seize more than $ 20,000 found in the vehicle Owensby was driving. “Did they find drugs in the car? Is it illegal to carry money in the car? When did possession of money become a crime?”Willis questioned that.