July 13, 2024

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Eight Israeli soldiers killed in Hamas attack in southern Gaza: deadliest day for army since January

Eight Israeli soldiers killed in Hamas attack in southern Gaza: deadliest day for army since January
Eight Israeli soldiers die in Hamas attack in southern Gaza: deadliest day for army since January (REUTERS)

He Army Israel It was confirmed this Saturday Eight of his players died Earlier during an attack Hamas It contains Southern Gaza. Among the fallen, 23-year-old Wazem Mahmoud, a captain and deputy commander of the 601 Engineering Battalion, was identified, while the names of seven others will be announced “later” once their families have been informed.

The security forces indicated in a statement that the officers “fell during operational action”, adding that the team was traveling in a Namer armored fighting vehicle. Dal Al Sultan -West of Rafah-, when it was Hit by enemy missiles. A preliminary investigation found the car “was Hit as a result of a nearby bomb blast”. However, it is believed that a large-scale impact may occur A second explosion was unleashed – from car-carrying grenades-, igniting deadly flames.

“The explosion was quite significant and may have caused the launch of objects inside the vehicle The damage was so severe as were its occupants. This (also) made it difficult to identify the bodies“, they further concluded that “this should not have happened and therefore an investigation is underway”.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas terrorists, claimed responsibility for the incident. “Ambush against enemy vehicles” “As soon as the rescue team arrived, we attacked a Namer troop transport vehicle. Al Yassin 105 missile“, they noted.

23-year-old Wazem Mahmoud, deputy commander of the 601st Engineering Battalion, was among the Israelis killed in the attack (IDF).

This was Saturday It was the deadliest day for the Israeli army since January 22, 21 soldiers died when two buildings collapsed in the enclave. So, they already are 306 October 7, Tel Aviv soldiers who have lost their lives since the start of the war.

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Without further ado, others this Monday Four players of the security forces They passed away and many others Six people were injured Due to an explosion in the tunnel of a building in Rafah, they were inspecting and the terrorists were filling with explosives. All four who died belonged to the Kivadi force, two of whom were under the age of 19 and were still in training.

More than 300 Israeli soldiers have already been killed since the war began (REUTERS)

However, the army has not reduced the intensity of its attacks and continues to operate in many areas of Palestine with the aim of eliminating Hamas and rescuing hostages.

This Thursday, the Ministry of Defense confirmed the withdrawal of its forces in the northern suburbs. Zaytun And Will knowAfter managing – for the second time – to neutralize the activities of a pro-Iranian organization, they launched other attacks. West And this South.

At the same time, at the diplomatic level, the executive officer Benjamin Netanyahu Expected about negotiations before A new ceasefire plan He reached out to Hamas through the president Joe Biden, at the end of May. Initially, the group received the text “positively”, but as the days went by, they expressed their disagreement on certain aspects and asked for certain changes and assurances.

In an effort to pressure the adversary into complying with its demands, the United States has sought the support of the international community, the UN. Urged the Security Council and other organizations to express their support and promote the plan to end the conflict.

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(With information from AFP, EFE and Europa Press)