July 13, 2024

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US strikes Houthi radars after merchant fleet goes missing in Yemen

US strikes Houthi radars after merchant fleet goes missing in Yemen
US destroys seven radars used by Houthi rebels to attack ships in Red Sea EFE/Yahya Arhab

He United States Army Launched a wave of attacks against insurgent-operated radar sites Yemen Officials said on Saturday after a merchant fleet went missing following an operation for their attacks on shipping in the vital Red Sea corridor. Houthi Front against a ship.

The attacks come as U.S. naval forces face their toughest battle since World War II.In an attempt to counter the propaganda Houthi According to the rebels, it seeks to stop internecine warfare Israel And Hamas In Gaza Strip. However, the actions of the rebel group were supportive Iran They usually reach ships that have nothing to do with the conflict and have halved traffic through a key corridor for exporting goods and energy. Asia, Europe And Middle East.

US forces destroyed seven radars inside the US-controlled area. The HouthisExplained by Central Command The military did not immediately respond to questions that did not provide more details about the operation Associated Press.

“These radars allow the Houthis to target ships and pose a threat to commercial shipping.”explained Central Command In his statement.

Greek ship ‘Tutor’ adrift in Red Sea under attack by Houthis (Europe Press/Communications/Indian Navy)

The US also destroyed two unmanned ships with bombs Red SeaIn addition to a drone launched by The Houthis On the sea route, he added.

The The HouthisWho controls the nation’s capital, angerSince 2014, they have not recognized an attack or military loss, something that has been common since the US campaign began in January.

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On the other hand, the Central Command said A sailor from the Greek-owned, Liberian-flagged bulk carrier Tutor has been missing since Wednesday’s attack. In which the The Houthis They reached the merchant ship with an unmanned boat loaded with explosives.

“The crew abandoned ship and were rescued by the USS Philippine Sea and friendly forces.”explained Central Command. He “The teacher is still in the Red Sea, it is slowly taking water”.

From November, the The Houthis They have carried out more than 50 attacks against shipping, killing three sailors, capturing one boat and sinking another. US Maritime Administration. One of the campaign operations was the Air Assault campaign led by the forces Americans According to the rebels, at least 16 people died and 42 were injured on May 30.

(With information from AP)