December 8, 2023

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Election in Ecuador: Results of the runoff between Luisa Gonzalez and Daniel Noboa | A vote that will freeze the South American country

Election in Ecuador: Results of the runoff between Luisa Gonzalez and Daniel Noboa |  A vote that will freeze the South American country

Noboa increases its benefit

Businessman Daniel Nobowa took advantage of this Sunday At the start of the second round of polls in the presidential election in Ecuador, Coresta Luisa González after completing a ten-hour round of voting.

With 39% of the votes counted, Noboa It got 52.71% votes Compared to González’s 47.29%, the number continues to advance faster than the National Electoral Council (CNE) announced and expected.

The referendum was attended by 88.33% of the more than 13.4 million Ecuadorians who were invited to vote to elect a successor to the current president, the conservative Guillermo Lasso.

Two people who marked the ballot were arrested

Number of people arrested for marking ballot papers During the second round of presidential elections in Ecuador increased by twoThis was confirmed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) President Diana Atmaint this Sunday.

These are two isolated cases, citizens who were there Marking various ballot papers in favor of one of two candidates.

First case detected Red palmThe second occurred in the capital, from Chucumbíos, an Amazonian province bordering Colombia That’s it.

“We confirm that they are kept under the orders of justice. As CNE we will take relevant legal action,” Atamaint said.

First results start loading

With 6.34 minutes processed, Daniel Noboa has 50.96% of the votes (331,712), Luisa Gonzalez has 49.04% (319,167).In a close election.

More than 82% participation

“We congratulate the citizens for them Wide participation with 82.33% in the poll; A person who remains in the history of our country’s electoral processes,” Diana Atamaint, president of Ecuador’s National Electoral Council, told a press conference.

Election peace

By Gustavo Vega

The electoral silence and dry law that dominated the few hours after the end of the campaign deepened a certain sense of apathy among the general public. The National Election Center established that voters can participate with their identity card or passport. The development of the elections will be followed by about two hundred international observers from various organizations. The results will be known around 8pm (10pm in our country) and González will receive them in this capital, where Revolución Ciudadana has its bunker very close to the headquarters of the National Assembly. She and Noboa stayed their orders when Lasso appealed the so-called cross-death by decree. Gonzalez was a member of the Health Commission and Ethics Committee and his rival was the chairman of the Economic Development Commission.

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Voting has ended in Ecuador

At 5:00 PM local time, Election centers are closed in EcuadorWhere Corista Luisa Gonzalez and Daniel Noboa are running for president. Counting of votes begins.

OAS observers “very pleased” with normality of vote

Head of Election Monitoring Mission Organization of American States (OAS) Isabelle de Saint Malo, of Panama, pledged this Sunday to be an audience for Ecuador’s presidential election. “Extremely pleased with reports” showing a “normal” election day.

The former vice president and Panama’s former foreign minister pointed out that the OAS mission, which has more than 80 members in 20 of the country’s 24 provinces, confirmed an electoral process. “Fluidity and stillness, that’s what needs to be highlighted.”

The OAS also has observers in Madrid and Washington “The day is well spent abroad too”According to de Saint Malo, during a visit to one of the polling stations in Quito.

Mega defense operation

By Gustavo Vega, from Quito

One hundred thousand troops will guard Election Day, providing no certainty about the outcome beyond how the forces supporting Gonzalez and Nobo will be reorganized for this second round. The candidate got 33.61 per cent in the first round and his rival got 23.47 per cent. At the moment, many polls show that they are almost on par in voting intentions, with a high percentage of undecideds, especially among the younger segment of the electorate.

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A closed end?

On August 20, Gonzalez received 33.61 percent of the vote and Novoa 23.47 percent. This difference was not mechanically carried over to the second roundBecause a melting pot of ultra-conservative and right-wing forces united to prevent the Citizen Revolution from returning to power. They are, among others, the People, Equality and Democracy (PID) and Mour (formerly PAIS coalition). The candidate wrapped up his campaign in the city, starting this Sunday, promising to seek “dignity, justice and equality.” “To everyone for believing in the new generation. Together with you we will build a worthy country,” the businessman leaned into his youth.

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Weather on the street

By Gustavo Vega, from Quito.

The capital has yet to experience the insecure climate of the country’s second city, Guayaquil, and the coastal and northern provinces. But this reporter confirmed that the city is on high alert in the critical situation, as two private security personnel received it at the hotel early yesterday with fisted weapons on their hips.

Denis, a 28-year-old taxi driver, mentioned other details about the crime. The general recommendations do not differ from those heard in the main cities of Latin America. Not even important people in America.” Don’t go out after 9 p.m.“, “be careful”, here and there. Nothing original.

Gonzalez and Noboa, who are very evenly matched in many polls, ended their campaign on Thursday with bulletproof vests that are selling like hotcakes in Ecuador. The killing of journalist Fernando Villavicencio by assassins on August 9 marked a turning point in security concerns.

Insecurity in Quito: Página/12 Ambassador Stolen

By Gustavo Vega

A yellow taxi comes down the hill on a two-lane road that suddenly causes a surprise traffic jam. Can’t walk away. The right rear window is slightly lowered, but there is enough room for an arm to pass through. There will be a situation like heat, intense heat.

An unexpected hand grabs the messenger’s phone Page 12One arm and two legs run down the lost street at 24 de Mayo Boulevard. “That’s how he escaped”, “That’s how he went”, a couple of supportive voices It points to an uncertain future and a route up to 2,850 meters where Coco already has an enormous advantage.

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All you can see is a square sleeve like a jacket. Valuable information and contacts will not be retrieved until return to Buenos Aires. Two hours later, a young, dark-skinned woman with ivory-colored teeth hears the victim’s testimony and adds: “I’ve already had my cell phone stolen four times this year. Two on the bus, once at gunpoint, and the other here at the store.”. A true Quito dream.

Insecurity is a big issue in Ecuador’s presidential election

By Gustavo Vega, from Quito

Insecurity is proof that it’s not the dollar, the soccer team run by Spaniard Félix Sánchez, or other daily woes that dominate conversations: the bigger issue is falling into a trap on a dark and empty street. Witnesses. “Guayaquil is more dangerous than Quito, however, and here no one stops too late at a red light. That’s why so many conflicts happen…” Account Denise – the taxi driver – says that no one stops at traffic lights after 12pm.

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