September 25, 2023

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Election in France: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen face off on the ballot for the presidency.

Election in France: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen face off on the ballot for the presidency.

Paris – The President Emmanuel Macron won the first round of the French presidential election tonight by 28.1% of the vote against 23.3% of the candidates. Extreme right Marine LeibnizThe score confirms an important choice for the current head of state for the April 24 runoff, according to estimates from major research firms.

These results were interpreted as one Five-year confidence vote on Macron’s political leadership The yellow dress movement was characterized by violent protests, the Govt crisis, the struggle against climate change and finally the war in Ukraine. But, above all, as a useful vote to prevent the far right from coming to power. That comment also translates to a clear voter turnout for the second round: Ipsos Institute’s first poll expects 54% clear victory for Macron against 46% for Le Pen. These figures, compared to the results obtained in 2017 (66.1% to 33.9%), allow us to think. Macron was not affected by the degeneration that presidents traditionally experience during their mandates.

French President and LREM presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, wait for the first round of voting in the first round of the French presidential election on April 10, 2022 at a polling station in Le Touquet, northern France. Thibault Comes – Pool

In this election, 26.2%, four points more than in 2017, did not vote. The President is four points ahead of the result obtained five years ago (24.01%), while the leader of the National Assembly (RN) movement, which was presented for the third time at Elysee Palace, slightly increased the 2017 run (21.3%)

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Behind that pronoun, which recreates the same fight that existed five years ago, is the leader of the far left Jean-Luc MலlenchonFrance came in third with 22.2% of the vote (against 19.58% in 2017) from the Inzumisa (FI) movement.

Ranked fourth with 7% Eric Zemore, Candidate of the Reconquest movement, far-right, racist and racist. In fifth place, was 4.7% Valerie BegressRepresentative of the Conservative right-wing party Los Republicans (LR).

That trivial result Causing deep disappointment to the heirs of historical Gaulism, Who were expelled for the second time in a row from a decisive stage vote in the French institutional process. The decision of the Green candidate is also disappointing Janick JodotAfter touching 15% in the first segments of the campaign, it was not 4.5%. Regional sub in seventh place Jean Lasalle (3.2%), followed by the Communists Fabian Roosel with 2.4%. Third far-right candidate in ninth place, Nicholas DuPont-IgnonWith 2.2% of the vote.

Three final seats were occupied by the Socialists Anne Hidalgo, With 1.8% of the vote – a figure that represents the worst decision in the history of their party in the last half century – the Trotskyists continue Philip PoudoWith 0.7%, and Natalie OrthodWith 0.6%.

In his first reaction after the results were released, Melenchon, Pecresse, Jadot, Roussel and Hidalgo urged their constituents to vote for Macron within 15 days., On April 24, only Jemmour and DuPont-Aiken appealed to Le Pen to support them.. However, this is an important trend of choice The three branches of the far right make up 34.5% of the total, making it the first political force in the country.

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The pronunciation of polls is, above all, Deep restructuring of the political committeeThe impact of the political, economic, social, health and international political upheavals that the country has experienced over the past five years.

One of the most notable changes was the collapse of the so-called Republican right, simulated by Valerie Beckress, who was originally one of the elements of the French electoral scene under the name of UDR during the Colist era; RPR, in the Cherokee era, and Los Republicans (LR), since it was re-proposed in 2012 by Nicolas Sarkozy. Going down to that hell does not seem to be over, because many of its national leaders emigrated to the Macronist Party in the weeks leading up to the election.

On the opposite side of the ideological spectrum, The other catastrophe was the destruction of the so-called Republican Left, represented by the Communists and Socialists. On the one hand, Russell, who gained 2.4%, was unable to restore his party’s image, which had deteriorated drastically since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Socialist Party – ruled France for 19 years during the presidency. Franுவாois Mitterrand and Franசois Hollande – now falling to an unimaginable 1.8% by Hidalgo. Several terms of the PS have called for the start of a deep reform tonight to begin its restructuring.

Far-right Marine Le Pen
Far-right Marine Le PenMichael Euler – AB

What seemed like a hurricane at the start of the campaign was the result of Zemmour’s transformation into a far – right and aggressive ideological proposition on political, racist and religious issues, the result of strong attacks and denunciations against immigrants. Practice of Islam. His campaign also paid the price for his admiration for Vladimir Putin. After 19% of voting intentions faltered for several weeks, the approval of the referendum kept it at 7%.

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His decline was exploited by Le Pen, who moderated the exaggerated and aggressive nature of his program with a strong emphasis on personalizing the campaign and securing purchasing power.. The same social discontent favored the leader of the far left M மெlenchon, who established himself as the third political force in the country.

These first tendencies must be confirmed or refuted by the second round results and, above all, by Assembly in JuneThis will reflect the true dimension of this new sociological profile that emerged from the poll.