September 30, 2023

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Russia’s final offensive in Donbass has already begun, with anti-aircraft alarms in 15 Ukrainian cities.

Russia’s final offensive in Donbass has already begun, with anti-aircraft alarms in 15 Ukrainian cities.

The roar of thousands of sirens in fifteen major cities UkraineMore than 240 Russian military aircraft bombing targets and maneuvers around Nine forward axes In the east and south of the country, kyiv television was considered since early Monday morning “The beginning The final attack From Russia”About the rich Donbass area.

They are fitted there Two small republics Russian-ranks calling for presidential approval Vladimir Putin And incorporated into the Russian Federation.

Vaym Denyeseko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, said the Russians “They build and maintain their forces.”

“The big wars we expect have not yet begun, however It can be said that the attack has begun”, The official commented.

Ukrainian soldiers opened fire from the front line in Lukansk. Photo: AFP

Day 47 in photos: Ukraine calls on South Korea to send weapons to fight Russian invasion

Ten days ago, the Russians occupied the whole of Ukraine, encircled the capital, and faced fierce resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces, causing many casualties. That is what the kyiv government estimates 19,500 Russian ArmyIncluding nine commanders, who lost their lives.

Putin ordered Rearrange the war engine And strategic objectives, to concentrate the Russian invasion of eastern and southern Ukraine, to fully occupy the territory and Isolate Ukraine from the shores of the Black SeaWhere it is located Odessa.

This magnificent city, when it came to Russia, was baptized in “St. Petersburg in the south”, and the city of one million people was considered an architectural and cultural jewel. The main port of the Black SeaIt flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

After hitting 26 cities in the first phase With the invasion, the change of strategy began Transferring the army responsible for the invasion. The new commander-in-chief of 160 thousand Russian soldiers in Ukraine Dmitry Dvornikov61 years old, whom evil languages ​​call “Butcher in Syria”.

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Relied on the military line Burnt earthDvornikov used the Russian war tradition in that country Quarter neither asks nor gives.

That mission was completed in 2015, and now he has reappeared in first place. Even the target Restructuring the Array of Troops and Operations.

Restructuring of troops

The Russian forces were organized by General Dvornikov Three groups In military districts.

The first comes from the siege of Kiev and northern Ukraine. Siege of IziumIt is considered a strategic city southeast of Cargo, the second largest city in the country.

The second restoration was added during the flight To Lukansk and DonetskTo the Donbas area, and to the city of Mariupol.

Is like Mariupol Tiyagi city For the Russian military effort until now Could not fully occupy it. Destruction is impressive. President Volodymyr Zhelensky Said “Tens of thousands” of Mariupol residents have died. The city was divided into two There are three thousand guards Who are still struggling.

A parade of Russian armored vehicles over 10 km long on a road in Ukraine.  Photo: EFE

A parade of Russian armored vehicles over 10 km long on a road in Ukraine. Photo: EFE

The third group Southern and aerialPoints towards Crimean PeninsulaOccupied by the Russians in 2014. With the help of military troops and the Sevastopol naval base.

In an area already battling east of Mykolayiv, the area would be the scene of a major battle ahead of the cities of Saporizia and Bertinas. They are confronted by Ukrainian forces from the north and west.

Ukraine split in two

May be a second phase invasion Will end by dividing the country. West, north and west, in the hands of the Zelensky government and the Russian occupation in the east and south. But this is speculation Must pass the battlefield test.

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In the east, the Russian-controlled area stretches from the Kharkov region to the Donbass region. Is to the east A wide border with Russia.

Satellite image shows Russian military convoy moving towards southern Ukraine.  Photo: A.P.

Satellite image shows Russian military convoy moving towards southern Ukraine. Photo: A.P.

According to British intelligence in the south, off the coast of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea, Fighting is already underway in seven areas.

The first important battle will be fought for control of the city SloyanskIn the Donbas region, on a wide plain between Izium (north) and Kramatorsk (south).

If the Russians gain control of Sloyansk, they will push east and south to confront Ukrainian troops from the north and west to strengthen the thousands of troops already fighting there.

Ukrainian hero

There is a new national hero who is 48 years old in Ukraine General Valerie Jalushni, commander of his army.

In 2014 a young veteran had to face the Russians in the Crimea and the Donbass region, where they killed about 14,000 people in the eight-year war, Jalushni. Demonstrated advanced military skills in various missions Courses he sent to study at various military schools in the country NATOWestern Military Alliance.

After his victories The first phase of the warThe General will have to face The Great War to capture the Donbass regionIt already has two Russophil republics and vast mineral resources. One hundred billion tons of coal.

“They will use all the weapons they have”

Governor of Lukansk “One of these days A large explosion will begin at 3 or 4 p.m. And the Russians They will use all the weapons they have. It’s good that we’re ready. “

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Experts are divided among those who believe that Russia is the target of the attack Destroy everything in a week And those extending the period to fifteen days.

Everything must be completed May 9When the traditional military parade of victory against Hitler’s invading forces took place in Moscow, the Russian people lost more than 25 million lives.

There are also military inspectors who maintain it Russia is not ready yet Conduct an extensive burned earth attack.

President Zhelensky said Russia was coordinating New forces To cover up the losses and irregularities of its military forces. But some retired generals say it’s not about recruiting troops To beat the quality of men In that sense weighs the interest of the conflict.

Russian strength

Other Ukrainian experts call “Do not underestimate the invader”. They believe the Russian navy is not too weak and will retain it Excessive fire With Heavy artillery, missiles and rocket and missile batteries, Does not calculate the reinforcement provided by the control of the sky and There are hundreds of planes.

At 220-240 sorties a day, the Air Force concentrates most of its firepower in the eastern and southern regions, where the decisive second phase of the war will begin.

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