July 19, 2024

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Elections in France: Minute-by-minute results | A brake on the extreme right

Elections in France: Minute-by-minute results |  A brake on the extreme right

Deputies are demanding a meeting with Macron to define a new prime minister

France’s outgoing vice president, Clémentine Audain, asked left-wing representatives to meet on Monday to decide whether he could propose a prime minister “not François Hollande or Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”

Similarly, after asking President Emmanuel Macron to “not brutalize parliament”, Audain believed that “the Popular Front, in its diversity, can tell us what is the balance that allows us to govern”.

Hollande, former Socialist president: “Union of the left opens the path of hope”

Former Socialist President François Hollande “Union of the Left opens the path of hope,” he said. “The New Popular Front must realize what it must do today. It is the strongest party in the National Assembly, but does not have an absolute majority. At present, it has a relative majority,” he added.

Yolanda Díaz celebrates the partial victory of the left in France

Yolanda Díaz, Spain’s second vice-president of the government and leader of Sumer, celebrated the victory of the left in France in the second round of legislative elections this Sunday, saying “where there is hope, it is not”. Victory.” Far Right.”

“Good news for France, Europe and democracy: the new Popular Front has achieved a historic victory. In the face of hatred and fear, the French people have voted for a more feminist, social and green country. Where there is hope, the extreme right,” the official wrote on his social network account X. .

Macron will wait until the new legislature is formed to decide on a government

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to decide on a possible government this Sunday, taking time to examine the results of legislative elections and the structure of the new National Assembly.

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Elysée sources indicated that Macron would “wait for the formation of the new National Assembly to take the necessary decisions” and that “in his role as guarantor of the institutions, he will ensure that the French sovereign decision is respected”.

The news came as, with the first polls, leaders of the New Popular Front (NFP), a coalition of left-wing parties, expressed their desire to form a government based on election results that put them in the first parliamentary group, but far from an absolute majority.

This first place, however, comes as a surprise compared to opinion polls in the last days of the campaign, which predicted that the far-right would take first place and even have the possibility of an outright majority.

The parliamentary group of Macron’s party, which had a relative majority in the outgoing National Assembly and has been supportive of Prime Minister Gabriel Atal’s government, is battling for second place with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN).

Attal announced that he would submit his resignation to the President this Monday, although he said he would continue to assume his duties “as long as duty demands”.

Macron plans to travel to Washington this Monday to attend a NATO summit that ends next Thursday.

“Youth destroyed the far right,” chanted some young people in a Parisian square.

Amid festive scenes across the French capital, young people have begun to flock to the Place de la République. “Youths have ruined the National Front,” chanted the crowd. This has been the popular slogan of the left for the past week.

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The far-right National Rally (RN) party has been known as the National Front for decades, with Marine Le Pen attempting to revamp the party’s image by changing the name and ridding itself of the growing racism and anti-Semitism under its leadership. His father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The youths have used their old name specifically to show their distaste for the party and its history of extremism.

Le Pen regrets her defeat but says she has achieved a “belated victory”.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen regretted her party’s defeat in this Sunday’s legislative elections, but recalled that they had redoubled their support for what she saw as “laying the foundations for future success”.

“This is a belated victory,” said Le Pen, who did not call for President Emmanuel Macron’s resignation, even if he “failed”.

The PSOE congratulated the new Popular Front

The PSOE congratulated the new Popular Front on its results according to exit poll estimates in the second round of French legislative elections.

“We want to congratulate the New Popular Front and especially the French Socialist Party from the PSOE for the great victory that will eliminate the extreme right from any possibility of achieving government in these elections,” the Spanish party said on its official X account. .

And he closed: “The mobilization of the left is again decisive to stop the ultras.”

The French Prime Minister has announced that he will hand in his resignation letter to Macron

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced that he will hand in his resignation letter to French President Emmanuel Macron after his party came second in the French election.

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In one of his first public statements, Attal announced his decision, highlighting that “the political current I have represented in these elections is thanks to our decision and strength.” “We’re standing with three times more delegates than they expected at the start of the campaign, and we’re standing,” he added.

“The candidates working for the unelected republic are in our thoughts. I want to thank them for their complete loyalty,” he concluded.

Counte expressed his “enormous relief” that the “extreme right” did not rule in France.

Barcelona and France defender Jules Conte expressed “great relief” that the “extreme right” and Marine Le Pen’s National March party will not take power in France, according to opinion polls this Sunday. , the New Popular Front won the second round of the country’s legislative elections.

“This relief equals the anxiety of recent weeks. It’s huge. Congratulations to all the French who mobilized to keep this beautiful country of France from being ruled by the far right,” he posted on his account on ‘X’ this Sunday. ‘, after learning the poll results.

Last Monday, after the first round of elections, Counte encouraged French citizens to vote “to prevent the extreme right”.