December 6, 2023

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Elizabeth II dies: Queen’s remains moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall

Elizabeth II dies: Queen’s remains moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall

King Charles III, his sons Princes William and Harry and other members of the royal family will take part in a solemn procession as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is moved. The veil will be laid in Parliament from Buckingham Palace.

Following the Queen’s death last week at her summer home at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, her coffin was flown to Edinburgh for a series of moving ceremonies. He was later flown to London late on Tuesday.

Tens of thousands of people walked the 22-kilometer route, in the pouring rain, and many cars parked in the crowded streets, to watch the lighted hearse as it slowly made its way toward the palace. Buckingham, applause, cheers and car horns.

At the palace, a flag-draped coffin was received by Carlos and all the queen’s children, their grandchildren and their spouses, gathered for the first time since their mother-in-law’s death. Elizabeth’s daughter Anne, 72, who flew in from Scotland with the coffin, said it was “an honor and a privilege to accompany her on her recent journeys”. “It was humbling and inspiring to witness the love and respect shown by so many on these trips.”

Dozens of employees Clarence HouseA royal house was recently announced about their dismissal Guardian. It is a property used until recently by the current King Carlos and his wife Camilla.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Clarence House. – Hello

However, after the death of Elizabeth II the staff of the residence suffered from reorganization within the Crown. In fact, the new monarch’s offices are now moving to Buckingham Palace

Clarence House was owned by Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, mother of Elizabeth II, for 50 years.

About 100 staff at the king’s former official residence, including some who have worked there for decades, have received notice that they may lose their jobs as they worked around the clock leading up to his ascension to the throne. The staff received a letter signed by Sir Clive Alderton, Charles III’s chief aide.

Private Secretaries, Treasury, Communications and Domestic Staff have been given notice that their posts are at risk during Queen’s Thanksgiving at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday.

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“The change in the role of our directors will mean a change to our house…the former Prince of Wales’s personal interests, past activities and portfolio of work previously done by this house to support the house, Activities will no longer take place and the home at Clarence House will be closed. As such, it is believed that posts primarily based at Clarence House will no longer require support work in these areas.

While some works are expected to be protected, most do not have a definitive rule. According to reports, the sacked employees are expected to find alternative jobs in all royal households, help in finding new outside jobs and be given severance pay.

A source described to British media the extent of the anger among staff. “Everyone, including private secretaries and senior team members, is very angry. To counter this all employees are working late every night from Thursday onwards. People were shocked by this,” he said.

Although Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has yet to arrive at Westminster Hall, many British citizens have already settled in the vicinity of the building. Officials said those wishing to access the Queen’s coffin could wait up to 30 hours. It is estimated that millions of people will wish to bid farewell to the monarch who died last Thursday.

Some had already started lining up this Tuesday night and were waiting for the coffin to arrive this Wednesday afternoon. BBC. They are seeking to become the first members of the public to be granted entry into Westminster Hall.

The British government expects queues of up to 30 hours.
The British government expects queues of up to 30 hours.

Due to security protocols and expected crowds, queues can be long. Culture Secretary, Michael DolanThe government warned “expect very large queues, which could last up to thirty hours”.

The official emphasized that “not everyone will have thirty hours,” but he pointed out that it was important for the public to be “fully prepared” for the wait in terms of stand times and weather.

Heathrow Airport said some flights would be disrupted “in respect of a period of mourning”. “to ensure calm during the ceremonial procession” from the Queen’s coffin to Westminster Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

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In a statement, terminal officials said Airlines will notify passengers of any changes to the flight. He also expects changes to airport operations on Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral. “We apologize for the disruption as we work to limit the impact on future events,” they said.

FILE - Passengers line up at London's Heathrow Airport on June 22, 2022.  (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)
FILE – Passengers line up at London’s Heathrow Airport on June 22, 2022. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)

British officials imagine that people wishing to say goodbye to Elizabeth II could queue up to eight kilometers long. As part of the logistics system, the Govt 24 hour toilet facility, first aid and refreshmentsAccording to the slogan Guardian.

In London, millions of people are expected to queue for hours to see the coffin at Westminster Hall. The government brought in volunteers from scout groups and the Salvation Army.

Queen Elizabeth II's body makes its way to Buckingham Palace.
Queen Elizabeth II’s body makes its way to Buckingham Palace.Marco Bertorello – AFP Pool

In fact, it’s officially recommended that those planning to attend be warned to expect “very long” queues, possibly overnight, especially if they’re bringing children with them.

People will get Colored and numbered braceletsThey are shown their place in line and told they can go outside to use the restrooms or get food and drinks.

The Queen’s coffin will be moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in less than 40 minutes at 2:22pm (10am in Argentina).

According to the slogan BBC, The procession will be led by King Charles III and his sons Princes William and HarryAs well as other royals. Guns go off in Hyde Park and Big Ben returns. The procession will also pass through iconic locations such as Queen’s Gardens in London.

According to reports, a large crowd is expected The Mall See procession. Screens at the actual parks will show the coverage.

Tributes to Queen Elizabeth
Tributes to Queen Elizabeth Jessica Taylor – AFP

According to the schedule, the coffin will arrive at Westminster Hall at three in the afternoon (11 am Argentina time). Once there, the queen’s body is placed on a raised platform and a brief service is held in the presence of the king and members of the royal family.

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Two hours later, at 5pm, the public will be allowed access to the Queen’s coffin to say goodbye. The remains will remain there until Monday, when world leaders are expected to attend.

Due to security measures, The platform is guarded 24 hours a day By Soldiers of Divisions in the Service of the Royal House.

The parade will be held in London today, Wednesday.
The parade will be held in London today, Wednesday.BBC

Justin Trudeau Monday was declared a federal holiday due to the state funeral Queen Isabel II, As a result, a day off was given to public servants of the national government across the country.

It will be important to announce the possibility of Canadians crying on Monday”, the Canadian Prime Minister said on Tuesday. “For our part, we will inform federal employees that Monday will be a day of mourning when they will not work.”

However, according to citation Guardian, nearly 90% of the country’s workforce is under provincial jurisdiction. Most had no instructions about going to work on Monday. Trudeau said he would work with the provinces on a possible public holiday in that regard.

They are expected to attend Elizabeth II’s funeral 2000 leaders from around the world. It will be a goodbye Taller than Nelson Mandela, this will make London the capital of the world in days to come.

however, Published as Special Envoy NationElizabeth Pick, lWarning max. Even though everything has been planned for years, there is a great fear that things will get out of hand. Let it be confusing. Especially considering the crowds flocking to London to pay their last respects to Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s death, one of the world’s most iconic and longest of all time, after an initial shock, led to a wave. shocked It reminds me of an incident that happened 25 years ago. When Lady Diana died, One of the most famous characters of this monarchy, but now the most powerful.

He took over from Downing Street – a week ago – as people flock to London in the coming days. Liz dressAgree Care. As he wrote Daily Mail, Fears that for the first time in history London might be “full”, full, full. It is not in vain that the authorities are already persuading If possible, avoid the center and choose remote work like an epidemic.

London prepares for the festivities
London prepares for the festivitiesStuart Bragg – EPA