September 26, 2023

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Emery knocked out Bayern and Benzema was saved by Real Madrid. Spain Day in the Champions League

The total destruction of Chelsea by Karim Benzema in London left little hope for the British. However, there was an option that Real would suddenly decide to “play for PSG” and squander the advantage. Indeed, Ancelotti’s warnings in the press to the players had no effect. The Madrid started the match very badly, in a disorganized way and allowed an early goal to take place – this is the very moral “dope” that Chelsea needed. If football betting is not for you, what about 22Bet online live casino?

In the first half, Real Madrid had only three shots and none on target. By the way, for the first time in the first half of a home match, Madrid have not delivered a single shot on target in the Champions League since 2003. And they made only seven touches in someone else’s penalty area for the same half. It turned out to be a failure from many points of view. And the beginning of the second half exacerbated the failure. Rüdiger scored from a corner with the connivance of the Real Madrid defense. In general, in some episodes, the defense of Madrid failed incredibly. He was especially tough when the “third balls” were scored by Alonso and Werner.

But here it is worth talking a little about refereeing. Firstly, the corner from which Rudiger scored, most likely, was not there. The Polish referees considered that there was a rebound, although the replays show its absence. Or the angles weren’t very good. Secondly, the cancellation of Alonso’s goal looks dubious. Indeed, in the new rules it was clearly stated that a rebound to the hand as a result of a technical marriage from the head or leg, or the body is not considered a handball. In addition, Alonso did not make an intentional movement with his hand, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bhis body was not significantly increased due to the hand, and the touch did not affect the flight of the ball in any way.

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When Villarreal won the Europa League by beating Manchester United on penalties, everyone thought it was luck. When Villarreal knocked out Juventus in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, everyone thought it was an accident. When Villarreal knocked out Bayern in the quarterfinals… I wonder what they’ll think now. Especially considering that the next rival of the “yellows” will most likely be “Liverpool”. But Villarreal seem to like to go out as written off guys and then turn the game around.

In the match with Bayern away, there were expectedly much fewer chances for a goal than in the home meeting. But first of all, they expected something else from the Munich team, who, on their field, had to skating through Villarreal. And I had to see an unexpected Bayern, which in the first half was very nervous and fussing – this does not at all look like a cold-blooded monster that the Munich team portrays.

During the break, apparently, Bayern managed to cope with the jitters, calm down and put real pressure on Villarreal. But the score by that time was still equal – 0:0. And this belated start could end up costing Bayern dearly. After all, when the goals finally started spinning, the Munich team had no time left to rectify the situation. Only once did Bayern manage to catch an organized Spaniard on a mistake – when Lewandowski scored after intercepting Coman.