February 24, 2024

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Environmental activist arrested for vandalizing National Gallery of Art in Washington

Environmental activist arrested for vandalizing National Gallery of Art in Washington
An environmentalist vandalized a work at the National Gallery of Art in Washington

The National Gallery of Art in Washington Last year, it was rocked by a vandalism Jackson Greene, a Utah environmentalist, was arrested after allegedly vandalizing a Civil War monument. Man, member of the group Declare an emergencyHe is accused of writing the words “Honour them” on the wall next to the monument Monument to Shah 54th RegimentIt honors an African-American regiment of the American Civil War.

The incident, which took place on November 14, has generated intense debate about protest methods and the preservation of cultural heritage. Green argued that his move was to highlight the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and to honor the sacrifices of those who fought for freedom in the past. However, authorities accuse him of vandalism and estimate the damage at $700.

“We must honor them by remembering them and what they did,” Greene declared of the regiment's soldiers. “Second, we need to honor them by continuing their work. So I say, 'Joe Biden should declare a climate emergency,' because most of the people who are affected by the climate emergency right now look like veterans of the 54th Massachusetts.”

According to the Department of Justice, Green is a member Declare an emergencyThe group describes itself as “using non-violent civil resistance techniques to disrupt the status quo and require our government to take meaningful action to address the climate emergency.”

Jackson Greene at the National Gallery of Art in Washington

This is not the first time National Gallery of Art in Washington It is the subject of destruction by environmentalists. In April 2023, Jonah Smith And Timothy Martin They were stained with paint A fourteen-year-old dancer of Edgar DegasCauses significant damage that requires expensive repairs.

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The damage to Degas' artwork led to its removal from public display for ten days and cost more than $4,000 in conservation repairs. Jonah Smith pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing on April 3, while Martin's trial is set for August 26.

Climate activists draw on Degas' dancer's pedestal

Green's case adds to a series of incidents of “environmental destruction” that have occurred at museums around the world in recent years. From the soup sprinkled on sunflower of Vincent van Gogh Until the attack on the National Gallery in London Mona Lisa At the Louvre, these actions generated widespread media attention and raised questions about the balance between protest and art conservation.

Green's case is being investigated by the FBI, underscoring how seriously they take these acts of vandalism. Meanwhile, the debate on climate action and the protection of cultural heritage continues, highlighting the need to find effective ways to address environmental challenges without compromising the integrity of art and history.

Also, today two activists threw soup on a painting Claude Monet It contains Fine Arts Museum of Lyon. Both are members of the group.Riposte Alimentaire', which already covered a similar incident at the Louvre Museum. Although the works were protected by glass, they were able to perform the action. They justified their action by arguing that it reflected the urgency to act on the climate crisis. The panel recommends that rural professionals include food in social security as part of a more sustainable and equitable agricultural transition.

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