July 24, 2024

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The Israeli military launched a new “selective” and “far-reaching” operation against Hamas targets in Gaza.

The Israeli military launched a new “selective” and “far-reaching” operation against Hamas targets in Gaza.
This is part of the preparation for possible incursions into the coastal area

He Israeli army It announced this Friday Infantry troops and armor, support Drones And HelicoptersThey penetrated the core Gaza Strip And they attackedDozens of terrorist targets“Hamas group, which is practically in control of the Palestinian enclave.

In the past 24 hours, Israel Defense Forces have attacked anti-tank missile launch sites and operational headquarters.” Hamas and its fighters pointed to a military statement.

According to him ArmyIt is a “Selected” function and “greater scope and depth”, which is part of the potential products Invasion of the coastal region.

The forces left the area at the end of the mission and there were no casualties.” the statement said.

A black-and-white video released by the military showed a column of armored vehicles as a thick cloud of dust rose into the sky after the attacks.

According to the military, this is a “selective” and “far-reaching and deep” operation, part of preparations for a possible invasion of the coastal region. (REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

For the second day in a row, Israeli army A does Limited testing In Gaza, he had already done the same after a Hamas attack against Israeli soil on October 7, when it withdrew. 1,400 people died.

This Thursday Israeli tanks entered and destroyed the northern part of the Strip Hamas infrastructure and tunnels A military speaker at a military operation, Richard Hecht, Described as the largest ever made.

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The speaker pointed out that such activities are a rehearsal for large-scale land encroachment in the future.

This ground operation occurs after that UN He warned that he was about to run out of fuel Gaza StripThis has forced a drastic reduction in aid efforts in the region.

In the last days, Israel Limited number of trucks allowed Humanitarian aid Entered Gaza from Egypt Rafa Crossing, But he also banned the supply of fuel to power generators, arguing that he believed Hamas would do just that.

Israel allowed a limited number of trucks carrying humanitarian aid to enter Gaza from Egypt through the Rafah crossing. (Reuters)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday announced plans for a possible ground offensive in Gaza amid an intensified bombing campaign in the territory controlled by Hamas terrorists.

In his statements, Netanyahu “We are preparing for a ground attack,” he assured.

The conflict escalated October 7 When Palestinian Hamas terrorists entered Israel from Gaza, they were killed at random. 1,400 peopleMostly civilians, and kidnapping others 222According to Israeli officials.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)