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Fake marriage, jealousy and violence

Fake marriage, jealousy and violence

“At that time, when everything happened, Romina and Gonzalo were together. They came back and we believe that in the family. She has threatened to take the child away from her.“, says Adriana Diaz in conversation Clarion. She is the aunt of Romina Camejo, 26, who was detained on charges of murdering Uruguayan businessman Gonzalo Aguirre, 46, in Punta del Este early Monday morning.

This Tuesday, at the Maldonado Justice Center, the trial of restraining actions was held with the accused, accompanied by several family members united by the same cry: “You're innocent, Romy, we love you!”.

A”power relationship”. This is how Romina's maternal aunt defines her bond with Aguirre. The same one three years ago, when she was 23 and he was 43.

Romina is from Montevideo, from a working-class family, Adriana describes. She dedicated herself to dancing and singing from a young age, one of her biggest dreams.


In 2021, the girl uploaded a song on her YouTube channel. He had already uploaded covers of pop singers in Spanish to the networks.

“She has always been a very attractive girl. Everyone who follows her on social media knows that she is a humble-hearted, easy-to-reach girl. I always accompanied her in all her processes. When she grew up and started singing, this man appeared and they started a relationship,” narrates the aunt, who accompanied Romina's relatives during her mother's absence in Montevideo.

Camajo as he enters the prosecutor's office to testify. Photo by Fernando de la Orton / Special Envoy

According to his story, in the beginning Aguiar I wanted to support her in her artistic career. And give him the tools to grow into what he wants. He went to Colombia to achieve his goal and participate in it Latin Music Awards.

“It was like all the toxic dating relationships we know, Violence always mediates there. Things started to get complicated. “They were together intermittently, and he always ended up going back to his parents' house because he was trying to escape the situation,” notes Adriana.

The power relationship that Adriana talks about has manifested itself over the years in many ways: it's not just an issue connected to the age difference, it's also made itself felt. Gender inequality and economic power (and political relations, as Díaz emphasizes) of Aguirre.

The inter-relationship did not stop there, and then there was marriage. Diaz now explains in part “The Lies of Aguirre”. As he commented, There was never a real marriageIn time they discovered that “it was all imagination”.

Romina Camejo is the woman accused of the crime of businessman Gonzalo Aguirre in Punta del Este. Instagram photo

“No marriage certificate, no court record. It's all a trick. He He has family abroadAnd the kids too, I think one of them was adopted,” he notes.

There was a period in their relationship when they lived with Romina's family, at her mother's house. Diyas says the mother has been taking care of it since then Shouting, aggression and abuse Aguiar to Camejo.

The pregnancy of the young woman did not mean a quarrel between the parties; On the contrary, conflicts increased in level. During those nine months, Romina refused to return to Aguirre. She experienced a high-risk pregnancy due to many stressful situations.

Romina's family wails as they enter the Maldonado Justice Center building. Photo: Fernando de la Orton / Special Envoy

“This man sent her messages from fake accounts when she was pregnant. He molested her throughout her pregnancy.. Threats through full pregnancy. All this is documented in audios and news. It is already in the hands of justice. In fact, when it was time to deliver the baby, she was premature,” he points out.

According to his story, Romina was in the hospital for several days, during which time he was present. Díaz confirms that there were violent situations and that Aquier “sent a person to intimidate her” because his intention was to participate in the birth: “He told her that if she wasn't there to see her daughter born, woe betide her.”. As a result, psychologists intervened to treat Romina.

From that moment, an argument began between Gonzalo and the young woman. She hired two lawyers to prevent Aguirre from having access to her newborn daughter alone. Diyas says the two lawyers were intimidated and resigned.


The owner of an exclusive mansion in Punta del Este was murdered by his ex-partner.

“She was living with her mother and she returned to him in December. I don't know the couple's private affairs very well. We suspect she came back because of this need. He didn't want to take the baby”, he adds.

Díaz makes it clear that Romina was scared because she knew that morning, at Aguirre's friend's house, that the businessman was going to meet her and that some episode of violence would happen. Indeed, he insists that Aguiar came With a girl he was already dating for months. And this is not the first disappointment.

“He wanted to enter under threats. I told him that a few minutes ago I'm going to cut her into little pieces. The man who was with her, the owner of the house and the main witness, helped prevent the owner of the house from entering the door. But he let her down. That's when everything was unleashed,” he recalls.

Relatives of Romina Camejo at the door of the Maldonado prosecutor's office. Photo by Fernando de la Orton / Special Envoy

Although Romina has not reported the violent episodes Adriana describes to police stations, they have faith in the process. Documented by psychologists On important occasions like the birth of a daughter.

When asked about the possession of weapons and the training Romina had undergone, Aunty said that “Gonzalo managed it”.

“He did not defend his life because his daughter and the children of the owner of the house were there. She has been threatened and now she fears for her family and her mother. Because the influences of people who do a lot of violence around him are obvious. But we have faith in justice,” he concludes.

Word of Attorney and Camejo's Attorney

Accused Romina Camejo attended the public hearing on the “defining measures”. There, the accused settled in Montevideo (his parents' home), and measures were instituted to prevent him from leaving the country for the next 150 days while the investigation process continued.

Photo: Fernando de la Orton / Special Envoy – Police prosecutor lawyers and the family of Romina Camejo await the arrival of the judge in the limited trial for the murder of Gonzalo Aguirre. The accused did not want to appear. 02-27-2024 FTP CLARIN _FER3057.JPG Z DelaOrden

“Investigation has not been formalised, no case has been registered. We have the expertise to be useful and clarifying. With this move No decision has been taken on the caseGiven the limited time frame, we found the benefit of doubt and it was prudent to proceed with the investigation by ensuring that the accused were restrained. “There is no doubt that she fired, but we need more time to confirm the theory of self-defense,” says lawyer Sebastian Robles. At trial, he pointed out that there were four direct witnesses to the crime.

“There was a notification that he was going to be there that day. They did not live together. He was always armed. She defended herself. One of the fears was the physical integrity of the child, because there was also a situation of violence against her. “Romina said there were threats (from Aguirre) to take the child away,” said Camajo's lawyer, Camilo Silveira. The guardian insists on the fact that they do not live together, but the aunt says otherwise.

Camilo Silveira, lawyer Romina Camejo, testified in the Maldonado attorney's office because of the murder of his former partner, businessman Gonzalo Aguiar. Photo by Fernando de la Orton / Special Envoy

Similarly, he expresses that he faces a particular case because it occurs in an area where there are people who can give their statement.

“Here What is being debated is whether it is murder or not. There is a crime because there is a reason to justify it, and that is self-defense. In that case, there is no crime and there is no person liable to be fined,” he points out.

Finally, Silvera says that Camejo has no security measures in place yet. If possible, will go to Montevideo this afternoon, where she will be with her baby and in the care of her family.

Punta del Este. Special Envoy