September 26, 2023

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Shocking video: They chartered a plane to reveal the baby’s gender, but it crashed and the pilot died

Shocking video: They chartered a plane to reveal the baby’s gender, but it crashed and the pilot died

A tragic accident occurred during a celebration in Sinaloa this weekend. Mexico. An airplane Participant in revealing the gender of a child Lost control and crashed. The pilot eventually died.

The horrifying effect was captured on film as everyone there eagerly awaited the passing of the Cessna plane. However, after exhaling the smoke, its wing broke and it sank.

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On Saturday afternoon, a whole family was waiting Gender announcement of baby Host couple in a house located in a Mexican city Naolato.

Earlier, they performed various routine activities “Gender Expression”, But the most awaited moment was the arrival of the plane It emits pink or pale blue smoke.

Shocking video of plane crash reveals baby’s gender (Video: TN)

In the video, you can see the parents pose in front of a sign that reads “Oh Baby” to wait for the flight with guests. When the plane is over their heads, It started emitting pink smoke They embrace, but immediately take flight It goes straight up and you can see how it loses control.

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There, the left wing is twisted then crashes, some are screaming incessantly, while others don’t even realize what happened. Even the wedding was exciting because of the surprise.

In the local context Universal They checked that relief forces went to help the pilot. In detail, the man fell into a field of agricultural crops and was transferred from there Serious condition To Novolato Hospital, there died for minutes.

Pictures taken from the outside of the house. (Video: Twitter/WorldWarning)

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They also pointed out that the man had already flown over the farm several times, but it A mechanical failure occurred while emitting pink smoke.

Although some media have identified him Louis Angel, 32 years old and from the same city. However, the aforementioned media outlet said the deceased was identified as Fidel “N” and was actually 38 years old.

At this time, the State Attorney’s Office is in charge of the investigation to find out more details about the failures involved in the plane crash.