May 21, 2024

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We believe in journalism

We believe in journalism

Members of the Media Associations of Argentina (ADEPA) and other countries renew their commitment to the duty of practicing journalism responsibly, producing it with excellence, integrity and transparency.

This May 3rd, World Press Freedom DayAll Spanish and Portuguese-speaking media, members, in a concerted action with determination and purpose Media associations of Argentina (ADEPA), Brazil (ANJ), Colombia (AMI), Chile (ANP), Ecuador (AEDEP), Spain (AMI), Mexico (MX Media Alliance), Peru (CPP), Portugal (APIMPRENSA)), from the Latin American member countries SIP-IAPA (Inter-American Press Association) and WAN-IFRA (World Association of News Editors), we renew our commitment to the duty of practicing journalism responsibly, creating it with excellence, integrity and transparency.

We Believe in Journalism is a campaign created by the Spanish advertising agency Portavoz for AMI Spain in 2020, which has a lot of meaning and which today unites media and associations from different countries about its commitment to journalism and its mission. Like the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat underpin it.


This initiative is based on the need for continuous self-examination to improve this service. To bring real, clear and useful information to communitiesHighlighting the value of good journalists and good journalism and understanding that it is the best citizen tool against fake news and misinformation that is so damaging to coexistence in our societies.

Because it has an eternal message It is consistent with the essence of journalistic work and the inescapable commitments of journalists and media with people. Moreover, it must be active as a symbol of openness in a permanent state of self-criticism, commitment to its values, to ensure that there is never a lack of media, pluralism and loyalty in the different Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities. A call to its service in a democratic environment with a free press, right to information and freedom of expression.

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