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Football, Evasion and Washington A plot to move from Argentina to Mexico. Tests on AFA, Racing and Independent

The airport security police (PSA) had to break down the door. No one answered 9 In football, The company of former Uruguayan player and representative Uriel Perez Jurina. Shortly afterwards, his lawyer, Eduardo Alberto Martின்nez, appeared on the 9th floor of Avenida del Libertador 650, Vicente Lopez. Working simultaneously with the AFA and Racing, The Independent, Gymnasium and Eskrima La Plata and five others in the union gave a chaotic result. In addition to the seized documents, a Pistol 9 mm Two missiles on the table and without a row of papers. The day after the raid, the owner of the office went to the United States with his family. Federal prosecutor of San Isitro Rodolfo Fernando Domanguez accused him of tax evasion and money laundering. Judicial investigations are underway into alleged crimes in four countries: Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil. “We put all the parts around the puzzle together, it depends on what we see on the computers,” he said. Page 12 An evidence that closely follows this matter. Leaders and footballers were prosecuted under the heading “Violation of NNs / Law 24769 and Article 303”. The process can go back and forth, revealing the opacity of the market that some people earn at the expense of others. When they win, they become rich in no time.

Perez Jurina is a 45-year-old former striker. As a traveler, he played for clubs in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Bolivia and Argentina (Cologne and Belgiano, among others). When he left his career, he devoted himself to representing footballers and some isolated coaches. The majority are Argentines and very popular Enzo Fernandez de River, Federico Mansquello de Veles, Domingo Blanco and Andres Rowa, Independente and Gabriel Á Valos Argentino Juniors.

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The mechanisms of Mexico and our country are commercially relevant Christian Brokarnick. But the only data that comes up again and again is that the two would have worked together to manage the professional staff Faro Else, the owner of the Spanish club there, invested the money. TO Perez Jurina Proud to control the sports apparel company Game Lyon You saw the team Defense and Justice and Armory In the first section. But according to the board of directors of the textile company, which will be updated to 2019, the media obtained from IGJ will have Norberto Jose Arcolino as its chairman and Vector Antonio Contres as its replacement director. No traces of the former player.

Amir Ibrahim, Mexican Journalist, Elquintana Rs. The cartel of the target And released on January 11 this year, Uruguay connects representative with a character with a dark background in Mexico: American Greg Taylor. Another entrepreneur who manages football players and influential coaches in that market. “When we talk A ‘cartel’ In this report, we demonstrate that we do not mention a commonly known drug, but A well-structured system where leaders and operators meet for the same purposeMake potential and vague profits, however it is dirty, immoral and in many cases illegal. Except to fight hard against its rivalry ”.

The conspiracy revealed by Amir Ibrahim. (Image:

Taylor has flown to Argentina twice from Mexico, which did not prove anything, but it put him at the crossroads of attorney Tomanguez and judge Sandra Arroyo Salcado. Colos Blancos de Guerrero, a North American, has been one of the owners of the first division club since last year. He also owned Atlanta.

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Ignacio Suarez, another Mexican journalist from the record site, wrote a lengthy article based on research on Ibrahim Taylor and the people around him in his business. Porn business Last Wednesday he pointed out in Buenos Aires during the September 29 judicial proceedings that “a player’s representative was indirectly or directly involved in all events, his name being: Uriel Perez Jure Reina”. Most of the evidence should be found in the report released during the test conducted by the AFA at its headquarters a week ago. He was supposed to provide information about footballers who have played or are playing in Mexico, where each team can add nine foreigners to its starting lineup today. The amount will gradually decrease to seven in the 2022-2023 season. Local team coach Gerardo Martino complained a lot about this foreign invasion that fuels the businesses of delegates like Perez Jurina.

Uriel Perez Jurina with Argentine player Gabriel Avalos. (Instagram)

The AFA says they have “smuggled copies of the players’ transfer agreements.” Maximiliano Mesa, Federico Mansquello, Emmanuel Gigliotti, Nicolas Sanchez, Jess Mundes, Fernando Periantos, Jonathan Maidana and Enrique Trevorio; The record of the representatives of those athletes; Certificates of Deposit made under Article 214 of the AFA General Rules; Record of overseas transfers of players indicated in the value of each activity during the years 2014/19; Any document proving that Uriel Perez Zarona is exercising the economic rights of footballers All other documents interested in clarifying condemned maneuvers ”.

At the request of the case, the players are charged “Tax evasion and money laundering”; More for the same crimes “Fraud Management” Leaders of four clubs and AFA participating in transfers; Perez Jurina, as previously announced, and “other persons who played the role of representative of the football players mentioned above, and if anyone else intervened, offered cooperation or covered up the facts.”

Christian Brokarnick, the protagonist behind the scenes of Argentine football in recent years.

The case was opened by an anonymous complaint received by Proselock, which also conducted its own investigation. Suarez posted in his note – the first installment of the series will continue – how The amount of profit illegally obtained was “24 million 750 thousand dollars, for the period from 2014 to 2019 only”. The same journalist agrees with the sources consulted Page 12 Argentina is continuing to gather evidence to summon Perez Jurina to a hearing before a judge on his compromise status. Names of companies registered in Panama Associated with Uruguayan representatives such as Indo Holding LLP, UP Sport Group LLP, MM&A Professional Services International LLC and Playmaker Sports Management SA, a Paraguayan-Argentine national.

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The conspiracy is complex but the trial is progressing. It seems from the captured document Player transfers were made for less than the announced amount. In Montevideo, the former striker who started Hurricane Puzio and is just part of the cigar smoking puzzle, researchers believe. Now they want to reach the highest goal.

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