February 28, 2024

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Gallardo, Gramsci and Providential Man

Gallardo, Gramsci and Providential Man

Any river fan would think it would be back and forth from now on. That Marcelo Gallardo is the greatest idol to leave, a providential man. An adjective with a semi-religious meaning. Because it is the savior, the savior, in this case a club, a football community – that can guide us towards the promised land. Especially if it’s after a game of misfortune, like the descent in 2011.

Three years later, the technician accepted his position and, keeping it, coordinated a very successful cycle internationally, which was denied to a company of such famous thickness. A cycle that continued for years. They were eight and four prosperous months—fourteen including national ones—and a recovery of self-respect that could not be measured by any means.

Gallardo was surprised by a meteoric recovery of greatness from the beginning of the profession. This happened after the worst moment in its 121-year history. But the idea of ​​continuity, considering the contribution of such greats as Bernabé Ferreira, Pedernera and Moreno, machineDi Stéfano, Amadeo Carrizo, Labruna in its two meanings, player and coach, Ermindo Onega, Beto Alonso, Fillol, Francescoli and Burrito Ortega, Ponzio and champions of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid.

The toy Gallardo, if that belief in theism—so common to monotheistic religions—is admitted and abandoned, It is the product of renowned surgeon René Favaloro.. Although River fans put him on the same level as the club, he is not a providential. You could be wrong, as he himself admitted at an event a few days ago.

The technician sparked an extraordinary passion for his ideas, turning them into magic. He felt in his skin what Gramsci said about football: “It is the realm of human faith in the open.” But he completed his cycle and for reasons that only he can explain, he decided to leave. River and some of the club’s best drivers who had cemented their historic dominance left. Another Gramscian view attributed the famous Italian thinker to the culture of the ruling class.

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The most successful coach in River Plate history helped make him more attractive than a showcase of titles. He continued with the culture of effort. He decreed it. He limited his leadership. Whether their teams win or lose, they clearly give an idea of ​​what they want to represent on the court. Always a risk. That’s the legacy Gallardo leaves behind. Like Gricole in Ferro, Bianchi in Boca or Byelsa in Newells. They are coaches who transcend their time. They leave behind a job, a behavior and different formulas to achieve success.

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