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Qatar dollar: Who will pay this year’s personal assets and how non-taxpayers will recover the new concept of 25%

Qatar dollar: Who will pay this year’s personal assets and how non-taxpayers will recover the new concept of 25%

For the first time and as established by law, to define the scope of the tax personal property Related to this year An adjustment for inflation should be applied, That An estate covers both the taxable limitsAs well as the values ​​included in the table to determine which rate(s) should be used in each case, depending on the valuation of the property in the country or abroad.

Tax on property is the only thing people can consider Amounts corresponding to the new concept of 25% should be paid into account As of yesterday, according to the rules on overseas purchases of goods and services exceeding US$300 per month per individual and overseas tour packages and tickets. AFIP Resolution 5272, Published in Official announcement. These non-taxpayers, with no other option to recover the new opinion, have to apply for refund next year through a procedure on the collection agency’s website. Since it is not a tax, The seized money should be returned by the government.

As per the estimate made by Nation -The data required for a definitive calculation is not yet available-, as of December 31st, individual property taxed for 2022 will be more than one figure in their collective assessment. About $11 million, At the same time, in the case of housing, The deductible would be around $56 or $57 million. In fiscal year 2021, $6 million of this is paid from the estate, while the home is exempt up to $30 million in value.

Final figures depend on inflation data for September and this month because of the update mechanism for individual assets Law 27,667, approved in December 2021, is expected to be taken into account Year-on-year variation in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) up to October. According to the survey of market expectations (REM) published by the central bank, the amounts estimated and sent in the previous column came from taking into account the average data of inflation forecasts made by economists: 6.8% for September and 6, 3% this month. If these percentages are confirmed, the year-on-year price increase will be 89% as of the current October. (As of August, the latest data released by Intech, it was 78.5%).

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As accountant Adriana Piano recalls, as this restructuring of the statistics that define who is taxable occurs, the values ​​of taxable assets are also updated. “Real estate is adjusted by CPI [en los casos en que corresponde consignar el valor fiscal, del cual se toma, como base para calcular la actualización, el correspondiente a diciembre de 2017], The exchange rate is increased and the values ​​of the cars are adjusted according to the market”, Exemplified. In other words, the adjustment for inflation of the lowest net worth achieved (and the entire tax plan) is no more. An amendment whose purpose should be to prevent overburdened persons from closing or having too much weight for the pockets, There has been an improvement in assets but not in practice.

A tax that has been questioned in many of its aspects by personal property, economists and tax experts (one of the criticisms being that, for its calculation, liabilities are not waived), it is back in the news these days for two reasons. One is that Presents a proposal to Congress to extend its validity For five years from 2023, it is now in force until December 31 next. This dance initiative, sent by the executive power, also contemplates extending the life of taxes on income and bank loans and debits, which was approved by the representatives and already exists. Received an opinion from the Senate Committee on Budget and Finance. If so, it will be considered within the limits of the ceiling.

The decision established by Economy Minister Sergio Massa also emphasizes that. 25% feedback on overseas consumption exceeding USD 300 in a month and tickets to destinations outside borders, Added to the existing 45% tax (without limits on purchase amount) and 30% PAIS tax. Thus, with the so-called Qatar Dollar, “It’s coming 100% extra For three different concepts: the PAIS tax, income realization and private property realization, the level of madness we have achieved through this is incredible,” considers Andres Edelstein, of Edelstein, Mariscal, Toraza & Associates and former secretary of the Department of Public Revenue.

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In the case of these taxpayers, an additional surcharge will be levied, When the annual personal property is paid. In case of expenditure incurred this year, it will occur when the obligation related to 2022 is settled By mid-2023.

Contrary to the perception of 35% when purchasing savings dollars and 45% when purchasing from foreign suppliers, The new surcharge cannot be taken into account in revenue In the case of people And mentioned in the resolution published yesterday. This decision implies tax exemption for wage earners There will be long delay in recovery of withheld money.

Actually, for that Employees under dependent relationship achieved through earnings, The amount of pre-existing sentiments is offset against the April salary of the year following the purchase. Annual liquidation of income tax is done with fourth month salary of the year and then, 35% or 45% will be taken as the amounts paid on account, provided the interested person has uploaded or authenticated the data in the Seretic-Worker Form; It is completed on the AFIP website.

Those with the new concept of 25% and non-taxpayers of personal assets will have to claim the refund through a process done digitally. During these months of 2022 (between September and December, specifically), AFIP returns money withheld in foreign currency or purchases of goods or services abroad in 2021. In the case of those who have not paid any income or personal property during the year.

Taking into account what is happening in practice this year, the delay in withdrawal Between 9 and 23 months. Y There was no compensation for the sharp decline in the value of the peso. The first case (nine months) underwent a surgery under consideration in December 2021 and requested a refund in January (one of those cases was refunded last September, according to AFIP).

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He who did the sensitization activity in January 2021 and completed the refund process after March this year, almost two years late; If so, the tax collection agency has announced that the refund will be made in December.

Amounts in pesos are reimbursed without any renewal. Sharp loss of purchasing power, Even more so in a year like the current year with very high inflation. For those who received refunds last September, for example, The decline in purchasing power was between 36% and 56%, It created a pro-government perception depending on the moment they buy dollars or goods abroad. In the ninth month of the year, AFIP returned recharges to those who did not pay last year or income (not employed or self-employed) or personal property, and processed the withdrawal form this January. year..

To claim refund for existing or retained current 2022, We have to wait until the beginning of 2023.

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