February 24, 2024

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Gaza Strip: Hamas Frees First Group of Hostages After Ceasefire With Israel | In the Middle East, the war is minute by minute

Gaza Strip: Hamas Frees First Group of Hostages After Ceasefire With Israel |  In the Middle East, the war is minute by minute

The Hamas government has announced that Israeli forces have withdrawn from Al Shifa hospital in Gaza

Israeli forces withdrew Friday from the most important Al Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, according to the Hamas Health Ministry, on the first day of a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Movement.

The Israeli military attacked the hospital last week, claiming it was a Hamas command center and had a complex network of tunnels beneath its facilities. The Islamic group and medical authorities deny the allegations.

WHO confirms third evacuation of 151 people at Al Shifa Hospital

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed today that a third evacuation of 151 patients, companions and health workers took place on Thursday at Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s main hospital.

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeyer added that the agency is deeply concerned about the situation of an estimated hundred patients and doctors staying at the hospital, which the Israeli military says is run by armed Hamas militants.

Thursday’s evacuation included 73 seriously injured or ill patients, including 18 dialysis patients, 26 with spinal cord injuries, eight with serious chronic conditions and 19 in wheelchairs, Lindmeyer said.

The UN hopes the ceasefire will allow humanitarian aid to be brought to northern Gaza

A United Nations spokesman in Geneva expressed hope today that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could bring humanitarian aid to the conflict-hit northern Gaza Strip. It is possible in this.

“We particularly need access to the north of the Gaza Strip, where the damage is greatest and humanitarian needs are greatest, which is why we continue to request access to all parts of the territory,” the spokesman told a press conference. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Jens Lark.

Israel confirms Hamas handover of hostages to Red Cross

Israel confirmed on Friday that the Islamist group Hamas had handed over 13 Israeli hostages to the Red Cross, who will be transferred to Egypt, the Israeli military’s official radio reported, citing government sources.

The hostages, along with 12 Thai prisoners, will leave via the Rafah crossing as part of a deal to release 50 Israeli hostages in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners and a four-day ceasefire in Gaza.

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The Prime Minister of Thailand announced that Hamas had released 12 Thai hostages

Thai Prime Minister Shretha Thavisin has announced that 12 Thai hostages have been kidnapped. Hamas They were released in Israel on Friday, October 7, hours after the start of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Movement.

“The Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs have already confirmed the release of 12 Thai hostages,” Tavisin posted on the X Network.

The border between Lebanon and Israel remains calm after a cease-fire began in Gaza

The rift between Lebanon and Israel has been quiet since the start of a humanitarian moratorium in the Gaza Strip early Friday, with Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah claiming no strikes for the first time in nearly seven weeks of fire.

“There is tense calm along the southern border as a humanitarian ceasefire takes effect in Gaza at 7am,” Lebanon’s National News Agency (ANN) reported. “Almost normal situation.”

Israel warns the Gazans that the war is not over and they cannot return to the north

Despite a four-day ceasefire that began at 7am today, the Israeli military warned Gazans this Friday that civilians who fled northern Gaza will not be able to return to the area due to Israel’s relentless attacks.

“The movement of residents from the south to the north of the Gaza Strip will not be allowed under any circumstances,” said Avichai Atre, the military’s Arab spokesman.

In a message in Arabic to devastated Gaza residents, a military spokesman warned: “The war is not over yet. The ceasefire is temporary for humanitarian purposes. Northern Gaza is a dangerous war zone and movement is prohibited. Through it.”

Iran welcomes Gaza ceasefire as ‘step towards victory’

Iran welcomed the ceasefire agreed between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas that began this Friday and saw it as an initial step toward victory for the Palestinians.

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kanani welcomed the establishment of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) late last night, hours before the ceasefire was set to begin.

“This event (ceasefire) is the result of 45 days of indescribable perseverance of the Palestinian people resisting, a significant initial step towards their historic struggle, perseverance and victory of the resistance fighters,” Kanani said.

The first trucks of a cease-fire aid convoy begin entering Gaza from Egypt

The first trucks that will be part of a humanitarian aid convoy for the start of a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip have started entering the Rafah crossing linking Egypt with the Palestinian territories today, Egyptian television Al Qahera news reported.

The network showed firsthand how aid trucks were entering the crossing, a total of 60 as part of the first convoy, with 17 ambulances waiting to access the enclave on the Egyptian side.

Israel claims that attacks on Hamas continued throughout the day and night ahead of the ceasefire

The Israeli military vowed on Friday to resume its offensive against the Gaza Strip, hours before the first ceasefire agreed between the Israeli government and the political wing of Hamas took effect. 50 Israeli hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

“During the past day and night, Israeli military forces continued to attack terrorist targets, locate suspicious structures in various areas, and engage terrorists by land, air and sea,” a military statement said.

Israel to release 39 Palestinian prisoners in return for 13 hostages

Israel has begun preparations to release 39 Palestinian prisoners – women and children – in exchange for the release of 13 hostages scheduled to be released by Hamas this Friday, as part of a four-day ceasefire agreement reached by the two sides, media reported. Israelis.

The Israeli Prison Service has already received the names of 39 Palestinians and terror suspects for their release, Israeli Channel 13 reported.

They are scheduled to be transferred to Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank at noon, where the Hamas prisoners await their handover, which is expected to occur around 4 p.m.

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Egypt oversees a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza along with Qatar and the United States

Egypt and Qatar, the two main mediators of a temporary cease-fire deal between the Palestinian group Hamas and Israel, along with the United States, are overseeing compliance with the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and are seeking to renew it beyond the agreed four days.

“All mediators on the Palestinian and Israeli sides are monitoring closely and continuously so that this ceasefire is successful,” an Egyptian security source told EFE on condition of anonymity, adding, “There are also efforts during this fighting.” to discuss its renewal between the two parties, thereby bringing all parties back to the negotiating table”.

The Red Cross will hand over the hostages to the Israeli military before undergoing medical tests.

Israeli hostages captured by the Islamist group Hamas will be handed over to members of the Red Cross in Gaza, who will hand them over to representatives of the Israeli military before undergoing a medical examination to determine their health.

“The Red Cross will cross the border with them and hand them over to representatives of the Israeli army, who will receive them and identify them physically and by inventory to determine if they are the right people,” the president’s adviser said. Israel’s National Directorate of Public Diplomacy, Ziv Agmon.

Israel and Hamas began a ceasefire to free the hostages

Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas Loop It took effect on Friday morning and 13 hostages were due to be released by midday in the first signs of detention after weeks of fighting.

Qatar, a key mediator with Egypt and the United States, reached an agreement on Wednesday to extend a four-day ceasefire and exchange 50 hostages. Loop For 150 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.