June 2, 2023

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They discover a hidden camera in the bathroom of one of the world’s largest cruise ships and the FBI intervenes.

The FBI Division in San Juan, Puerto Rico began the investigation Finding a hidden camera in one of the ship’s bathrooms harmony of the seas, Owned by Royal Caribbean and one of the largest cruise lines in the world. According to The Washington Post, more than 150 people, including 40 minors, were recorded without their consent. Jeremy Froyas, a married father of two, was arrested for the act.

Froyas, who until this week served as a cybersecurity officer in Kissimmee, Florida, boarded the ship on April 29. Enjoy a week-long cruise starting in Miami and stopping in various parts of the Caribbean such as St. Maarten, San Juan and the Bahamas.

The ship can accommodate 5,479 guests in two staterooms or a maximum of 6,700.

After finding his room and settling in, First he went to one of the main bathrooms on the boat and set up a Wi-Fi camera. In a section of the roof that had been removed for repairs, the man placed the device above the front door.

It wasn’t until three days later that a passenger found the camera and reported his discovery to the crew. After the seizure, security officers on board conducted a search Technical material and a large amount of recorded videos inside a memory card were detected.

“The matter was immediately reported to local and federal law enforcement Authorities removed the concerned guest from the ship for further investigation. As this is an active case, we are unable to share additional details at this time,” Royal Caribbean said in a statement.

The bathroom where Jeremy Frojas installed a hidden camera after settling into his roomABC News

According to an affidavit accessed by North American media, the footage first shows Frojas hiding the camera and fixing it against the toilet. The affidavit states that Froyas also apparently connected his iPhone to the camera.

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“In the first instance, you see people going into the bathroom to use the toilet or to change or remove the bathroom. Similarly, Froyas camera also captured them Including video capturing their bare genitals, buttocks and female breasts in various states of nudity”.

The man placed the device above the toilet’s entrance door in a section of the ceiling that had been removed for repairs.ABC News

John Auchter, an FBI agent based in San Juan, charged Some of the minors featured in the videos are between 4 and 5 years old.

Following his arrest for the video footage, he pleaded guilty to possession of child exploitation material and concealing a camera. “He admitted that they found him after trying to find her in the bathroom without success,” they noted from intelligence.

The camera was discovered by a passenger who immediately informed the ship’s staffABC News

Frojas appeared in court in Puerto Rico on Monday for a bond hearing. He can be released on $25,000 bond, but must wear an electronic monitoring device, surrender his passport and limit his travel to Puerto Rico, a judge said.

You are not allowed to use the Internet or have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18, including your two children.


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