February 23, 2024

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Germany has condemned Russian drones flying over its military training areas

Germany has condemned Russian drones flying over its military training areas
Klitz military camp, west of Berlin (Reuters)

German armed forces Repetitiveness condemned The drones are suspected to be of Russian origin About them Military installations and training areas, according to newspaper reports BILD am Sonntag. These devices are especially found in areas where military personnel are trained Ukrainian.

The military spokesman said, “The Drones with cameras “They're constantly flying over training areas.” In the affected areas, the Glitz Army CampWest Berlinknown as Where Ukrainian troops trained in the use of tanks Leopard 1. Liberal Party security expert Marcus Faber warned that drone activity was “clearly organized and strongly targeting Russia”.

“In some locations, multiple drones can be seen entering the airspace at the same time,” Faber said in his statement to the newspaper.

In response to this series of incidents, in mid-November 2022, Germany Created a task force tasked with defining protocols against these types of threats. Its purpose is to establish who has the authority to act on matters Drone safety between the various Ministries concerned.

Despite efforts, sources indicated that even two months after the formation of this inter-ministerial committee, “conclusive decisions” have yet to be made on the security systems that can be deployed or the pace of getting them.

The curious frequency and accuracy in the appearance of these drones led the German military to focus its suspicions on strategically relevant sites. Moscow Responsible as much as possible for excess flights. “This series of events does not appear to be random or the work of civilian drone enthusiasts,” Faber added.

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The situation highlights not only the challenges in air defense, but also the need to strengthen Germany's surveillance and countermeasures capabilities against technologies that could be used for espionage or sabotage.

A “European Union Military Assistance Mission in Ukraine” (EUMAM) badge is pinned to the uniform of a German soldier on August 17 in Klieds, Germany. 2023

General Carsten Breuercommander Regional Command In October 2022, it had already expressed concern over reports of suspicious drones in the region. Since then, surveillance and monitoring of these unmanned devices has intensified, although there is still no concrete evidence to confirm their intentions or exact origins.

In an international context of tensions and conflicts, where Germany openly showed its support to Ukraine against Russian aggression, these incidents with drones take on a particularly subtle meaning. The international community is focused on the outcome of the ongoing investigations and proceedings. Germany It can be adopted to ensure the integrity of its armed forces and the integrity of its allies in the European region.

Germany established a task force in charge of defining protocols against these types of threats

The Ukrainian Air Force said today that Russian forces launched an attack on southern and eastern Ukraine last night with 28 drones and three S-300 guided missiles.

Out of 28 drones, 21 were destroyed by air defense systems, the Air Force indicated on its Telegram channel.

According to this source, the main directions of attack were south and east. However, anti-aircraft defenses were also active in the center and west of the country.

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“Anti-aircraft defense was activated in Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Odesa (south), Dnipropetrovsk (east), Kirovohrad, Cherkasy (center) and Vinnytsia (west).

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