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Shocking video three months after bloody Hamas attack in Israel

Shocking video three months after bloody Hamas attack in Israel
Three months after Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, the Argentine Zionist organization released a shocking video

After three months Horrible terrorist attack carried out by Hamas Inside Israel, the Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) has released a shocking video as part of a global awareness campaign. On October 7, 2023, a heinous terrorist attack Hamas killed 1,200 people and caused untold material and psychological damage, and kidnapped 249 people, 129 of whom are still in captivity.including children, youth, adults and the elderly.

This audiovisual initiative by OSA establishes a parallel between the day-to-day activities of free people and the difficult situations of traffickers, who have been detained for three months. In a call for global unity, It has been urged that the international community should condemn terrorism and work together for the release of the abductees.

On October 7, Hamas launched a coordinated and simultaneous attack on Israel, including airstrikes and hundreds of terrorists infiltrating southern Israel from the Gaza Strip.

They killed 1,200 people in one bloody attack: They burned houses with people inside, hanged whole families, beheaded and burned children. They mutilated and raped their victims, and took more than 250 hostages to the Gaza Strip. That day, Hamas terrorists paraded the bodies of civilians and soldiers through the streets of Gaza.

The The main victims were the kibbutzim from the south of the country and Hundreds of youth attended the Music for Peace Festival, Supernova, Near the strip border.

After the attack, war broke out in Gaza. Israel Defense Forces first launched aerial bombardments and then began ground operations North of the strip. Repeatedly and in various ways, the IDF has demanded the evacuation of civilians, but the terrorist group uses schools, hospitals and residences as bases of operations. Hamas has historically remained hidden from the public eye.

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After mediation by Qatar, with the cooperation of the United States, Israel and Hamas agreed to exchange hostages for Palestinian prisoners accused and/or convicted of terrorist crimes.

A ceasefire began on November 24 and lasted seven days, during which Hamas released 113 hostages. between Israeli women and children and foreign traffickers. In return, Israel handed over dozens of Palestinian prisoners and allowed additional humanitarian aid into the Strip.

After 7 days of ceasefire, on December 1, Hamas violated the ceasefire. He fired rockets from the Gaza Strip and did not provide another list of potential liberators. Including 129 hostages still in Gaza 11-month-old Israeli-Argentine baby Kafir BibasKidnapped by terrorists.

After the ceasefire ended, Israel resumed its operations and expanded its ground campaign south of the Strip, where house-to-house fighting continues. Its mission is to end the Hamas terrorist group, kill its leaders, and destroy its vast network of underground tunnels that allow terrorists to hide, store weapons, and hide hostages.