April 23, 2024

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Giant parade of farmers through the center of Madrid, with tractors and hounds | Right-wing and far-right anti-government support

Giant parade of farmers through the center of Madrid, with tractors and hounds |  Right-wing and far-right anti-government support

Tens of thousands of farmers and peasants today protested in the Spanish capital, Madrid, against a situation in which agricultural organizations condemned the government of President Pedro Sanchez. Higher costs and lower profits in the field.

The slogans read, “Costs continue to rise. We are endangered farmers” or “SOS Rural World.” It is said to represent 10 million people from the Spanish countryside. AFP news agency reported.

With flags and whistles, protesters marched four kilometers along the central Madrid routes, from the headquarters of the Ministry of Environmental Change to the Ministry of Agriculture, guided by long queues of tractors with their horns and horseback riding.

“Today is the beginning of the search for a solution to the 80% of the land we occupy. Enough, let the head of government stop his journey and start acting,” shouted Pedro Barado, president of the Azaza Agrarian Union.

When manufacturers complain about rising fuel or fertilizer prices, they say they should sell at a lower profitWhen rejecting national government laws such as animal welfare that restrict the breeding of dogs for grazing or hunting.

“Animals are protected more than people today“Thanks to the irrelevant and absurd rules that the government wants to impose on us,” complained Fernando Sauce, a farmer who came with his hunting dog, Sera, from Cர்டrdoba, in the south of the country.

The major unions in the country are a Strike next March 23rdAnd when Trucks engaged in an indefinite strike condemning the rise in fuel prices have caused roadblocks and accidents.

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At the same time, the struggle, which came from the countryside, gained support from right-wing and far-right opposition because of its economic situation and the declining population of large rural areas.

“We need a shocking plan, a tax system that will allow us to live in a rural environment,” said Gucca Camera, a spokeswoman for the Conservative Popular Party, the second political force in the Spanish parliament.

Meanwhile, Santiago Abbaskal, leader of the far-right Vox party, called for the resignation of the government due to the “oblivion” of the rural world facing “green fundamentalism”, “abusive taxes” and “based public policy.” “.

Yesterday, thousands of protesters called for Vox to protest the war-torn food, energy and fuel prices in Ukraine.