March 23, 2023

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Gold, Swords and Artillery: The Hidden Secrets of San Jose Gallian in Colombia | It was sunk in the 18th century

Gold ingots, floral tableware, swords, crayons, cannons, etc. Treasures hidden by Galliano San Jose, Cartagena de Indus sank in the 18th century By English Corsairs. The discovery was announced by Colombian President Evan Duke.

Thanks to the technical equipment and work of the Navy, we were able to achieve the unprecedented precision of San Jose Gallion.In the face of later disintegration of this tradition of humanity, preserve it intact, “Luke said on his Twitter account.

Search tasks include Remote control vehicle and high-tech recording equipmentThis made it possible to reach depths of almost a thousand meters, to accurately access the corners of the ship, and to take high-definition images to check the condition of the wreckage.

The Colombian government released videos and photos Iron cannons, porcelain and porcelain tableware, eight genuine maquinas (a kind of antique, ndlr), glass bottles, jars and pieces of gold. A portion of the ship’s bow can be seen covered by algae and shells at sea.

Half-buried, dozens of pieces of nearly indestructible pottery stand alone, adorned by Arabs, and anthropologists are examining whether they came from Asia. Experts have identified several artillery pieces, some made in Seville and others in Cadiz 1655.

Commander of the Navy Admiral Gabriel Perez promised The treasure has not been looted or changed since it was discovered in 2015.

Two more shipwrecks

Thus the Navy has promised in a statement “In another area nearby, two shipwrecks were identified and were not reported And they are included in the patriarchal historical context of the Colombian Caribbean. ”

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It is a colonial and republican schooner. “We have already discovered two additional ships: a ship from the colonial period and, from a preliminary analysis, similar to the republican period of our history,” Duck said.

Moreover, he promised They have “a history of about a dozen similar boats”, They are investigating with naval teams as to whose location.

Thirteen more sites are to be explored in this area in front of the city of Cartagena (north), while there are reports of “potential shipping accidents”, he added.

Gallian San Jose

Capt. Gallion San Jose was shot down by English artillery during the Battle of Baru in 1708. Calculates its valuable inventory, according to the newspapers of the time.

At the time of the shipwreck, with about 600 passengers, The ship carried gold, silver, and precious stones from the Spanish colonies in the United States to King Philip V’s court. Treasure It is considered Colombia’s cultural heritage and cannot be commercialized.

In 2015, President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos announced Gallian’s discovery. Recognized for its distinctive bronze artillery and carvings of dolphins He later described it as “the most precious treasure ever discovered in human history.”“And offered to finance the rescue operation with a portion of the proceeds.

But his successor, Duke, reversed that effort and declared the treasures to be the assets of a cultural interest that should remain in Colombia.

Since then