December 3, 2023

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Sony’s new spatial sound system is truly portable

Sony’s new spatial sound system is truly portable

When you think of true surround sound stereo systems, you imagine cumbersome multi-speaker affairs that take all day to set up. Sony may have turned this idea on its head Complete with 360 spatial sound mapping. The hook here is that the speakers are detachable and the entire system can easily be moved from room to room without having to go to a chiropractor.

The system uses the company’s proprietary acoustic mapping technology to create dummy speakers in the front, back, and top. Integrated with three fully portable, detachable speakers, these sound sources envelop listeners in a “bubble-like ball” of spatial sound. The system is designed so that anyone can set it up, so there is no need for a special installation of any kind.

In addition to the portable form factor, the HT-AX7 system uses a real-time algorithm to upscale stereo sound into 3D surround sound. You can also separate this feature from the garden variety’s ‘room-filling sound’. All associated speakers are wireless and automatically pair with each other, making the installation process even easier. This is a stereo system released in 2023, so there is also an app for making sound and spatial field adjustments.

For other bells and whistles, the wireless earphones get 30 hours of use per charge and feature fast charging capabilities. These are Bluetooth-enabled speakers, so you’re not tied to the TV, which is traditional with home theater setups.

The Sony HT-AX7 Home Theater System costs $500 and it is Units will begin shipping July 18th. This price is fairly affordable if you want that

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