September 27, 2023

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A study finds that heat waves would not occur without human-induced climate change.

A study finds that heat waves would not occur without human-induced climate change.
Heat waves would not have occurred without human-caused climate change, a study has found. (Photo: AP)

Heat waves were recorded Europe And North America would not have happened without Climate change Man-induced, it also created higher temperatures China According to a study released Tuesday by the group, there was much more World weather attribute (WWA).

Temperatures soar in the southwestern United States in June, while in the Mediterranean region, heat waves occur this July. forest fire and thousands of people on the Greek island were forced to evacuate Rhodes.

WWA is made up of scientists United Kingdom And this NetherlandsAn analysis warned that unless the world stops burning fossil fuels, heat waves will become more intense and more frequent.

Without human-induced climate change, China’s heat wave would have been a once-in-250-year event, while heat waves in the United States, Mexico and southern Europe would have been statistically almost impossible, the study found.

The World Meteorological Organization warned that these events will become more intense and frequent until the world stops burning fossil fuels. (Photo: REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane)

The heatwaves were 2.5 degrees warmer in southern Europe, 2 degrees warmer in North America and 2 degrees warmer in China than what would have happened if humans had not emitted greenhouse gases and warmed the atmosphere.

If global average temperatures rise two degrees above pre-industrial levels, Heat waves occur every two to five years. According to scientists.

Europe, in particular, is warming faster than the global average because it lies between the increasingly warming regions of the Arctic and the Sahara desert.

Heatwaves were 2.5 degrees higher in southern Europe, 2 degrees higher in North America and 2 degrees higher in China. (Photo: REUTERS/Aly Song)

Friedrich Otto, a climate change expert at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, reported the findings of the study. “No wonder”.

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“The world has not stopped burning fossil fuels, the climate continues to warm, and heat waves continue to intensify. It’s that simple,” he added.

“However, these heat waves are not evidence of runaway warming or climate collapse. We still have time to ensure a safe and healthy futureBut we urgently need to stop burning fossil fuels”, he stressed.

In the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, countries continue to take measures to avoid the effects of rising temperatures. While in the Southern Hemisphere, countries such as Australia are hoping for a “dry bushfire season” later in the year.

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