July 13, 2024

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Hezbollah attacked several Israeli military positions with rockets and drones

Hezbollah attacked several Israeli military positions with rockets and drones
Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah claimed responsibility on Thursday for a series of rockets and drone attacks against military targets in northern Israel (REUTERS/Ayal Margolin).

Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah Requested this Thursday Rocket and drone attacks As part of its response to the assassination of a key commander of the movement who died two days ago in southern Lebanon, against a series of military objectives in northern Israel.

As explained in a statement, its fighters fired ‘Katyusha’ and ‘Falag’ type projectiles against six Israeli military camps, while “several attack drones” were directed against it. Three main military bases of the Jewish state.

Among the targets of the operation was a base that served as the headquarters of the Northern Command, “the main intelligence headquarters responsible for massacres in the northern region,” according to Hezbollah.

The Israeli military confirmed that about 40 missiles were fired from Lebanon against the areas Golan Heights and GalileeIts impact unleashed a barrage of fire, although many were suppressed by the Jewish state’s anti-aircraft defenses.

Clashes between Hezbollah and Israel have intensified in recent weeks (REUTERS/Gil Eliyahu)

The Hezbollah attack was in retaliation for the death of its top commander Taleb Sami Abdullah, The man, known as Abu Taleb, died on Tuesday night along with four other members of the group in an Israeli bombardment of his home in the city. Zoya (South).

In response to the death of the leader, the highest-ranking victim in the Shiite organization in the eight-month crosshairs, the movement returned moments later to attack two Israeli positions that had already been targets of its operation. At the same time.

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According to another report by the Shiite group, this second operation was carried out with two men “Forces” of unmanned aircraft.

Conflicts between Hezbollah and Israel have intensified in recent weeks, with a strong upsurge in the tone of Israeli officials, prompting fears that an open war between the two could break out this summer.

Abu Taleb’s death meant yet another step up as the Lebanon Movement was about to begin. 200 shells Against several points in northern Israel, some of them far from the de facto border, where hostilities are usually concentrated.

Throughout Wednesday, Hezbollah carried out a total 19 stocks, Its daily average is more than nine, according to a graph released by the group today with different statistics on accidents over the past eight months.

According to this information, the group started 2,125 operations As of October 8, they have 682 missiles, 442 artillery pieces, 925 surface-to-surface rockets, and hundreds of drones.

The conflict between the parties has been strong since their war in 2006 and erupted a day after the Gaza war began.

(with information from EFE)