July 19, 2024

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Mystery surrounds an underwater plane that disappeared decades ago

Mystery surrounds an underwater plane that disappeared decades ago


The lake remained an unsolved mystery for 50 years.

A discovery that ends a mystery

An initial search yielded no positive results, and Lake They were looking for the boy in it Airplane, Lake Champlain, four days later it froze, complicating the situation. Since that moment, at least 17 missions have been made to recover the plane’s remains, but to no avail.

Now, submariner Gary Kozak has used an unmanned vehicle to survey the area and discover what the remains might be. Airplane Disappeared on January 27, 1971. The researcher is almost certain that it is the same Airplane Because it has the same paint and is close to where the control tower lost contact with the plane.


This discovery brought peace to the family.

This discovery brought peace to the family.

“With those resources We are 99% sure” Kozak said Monday. The announcement was met with great support among the families of the missing. “Now finding this … it’s a peaceful feeling, and at the same time it’s a very sad feeling,” said Barbara Nikitas, niece of pilot George Nikitas.

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Frank Wilder, son of one of the passengers, said: “It’s been 53 years without knowing if the plane was there. Lake Or maybe on the side of a hill somewhere. It was nerve-wracking.” But unfortunately it opens up other questions, which we now have to work on,” he added.

Kozak has been searching for the missing plane since 2014 after the Malaysia Airlines plane went missing. An investigation will now be conducted to find out the cause accident.