September 29, 2023

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The G77 has an “opportunity to demand parity” in this ‘era change’.

The G77 has an “opportunity to demand parity” in this ‘era change’.

Fernandes: “We have to change the financial system that continues to operate with the same logic”

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President Alberto Fernández this Friday in the countries of the Global South a “Greater opportunity to demand equalitySpeaking at the ongoing G77+China Summit in Havana in this “change of era”, he further emphasized “Change the financial system continues with the same logic”.

The president said this in a 19-minute speech during the first session of the meeting held at the conference hall in the Cuban capital.Globalization failed little by little If you look at the present, you understand that we are experiencing a change of era.
In that sense, he said that “American hegemony does not mean Europe is in a crisis, starting with Brexit and continuing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” while “the emergence of two superpowers like China and India that will completely change international trade.”

UN chief attends summit in Havana / Photo: Presidency Archive.

Within these geopolitical changes BRICS ratedThe group, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be joined by Argentina and other countries from January 1, representing “44% of humanity and 36% of GDP”, which is already “the G7 that brings together seven industrialized countries”.

Fernández also said it was “a watershed moment that exposed the inequality in the world.” It is contagious“90% of the vaccines produced were in the hands of the 10 most powerful countries in the world.”

“That was the moment It revealed that 11 fortunes in the world account for 40% of humanity’s moneyHe told the forum that in total it represents 80% of the world’s population and is considered the largest intergovernmental body within the UN.

“Such inequality forces us to rethink the world. There, the South, the G77+ China have a lot to say,” he said.

In that framework, He welcomed the decision to admit the African Union as a permanent member at the G20 summit held in India And he reiterated that he had asked to join Celac.

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“It’s important to listen to the Caribbean because hurricanes, typhoons, storms, rising seas hurt the Caribbean the most,” he said, referring to the effects of climate change, one of the axes of the summit declaration, which will be officially announced tomorrow, the last day of the meeting.

Photo archive AFP
Photo: AFP archive.

The president said the “climate crisis” was causing “pain” as he recalled it Argentina “endures worst drought in 100 years” It “lost exports representing 3 points of its GDP” and took the opportunity to offer its solidarity to Morocco’s representatives due to the recent earthquake and severe flooding in Libya.

He insisted on changing the situation.The first thing to do is change the international financial system It always works with the same logic.”

“Once again we see the WB and the IMF using the orthodox logic that led us to this crisis, the distribution of income for a few and poverty among millions of people in this world,” he noted.

“How much longer are we going to follow the rates set by the IMF through its Federal Reserve and use additional interest rates that countries such as Ecuador, Barbados, Argentina, Egypt or Ukraine have suffered. Are you so worried about Ukraine? Are you charging it so much?”

Fernandez assumed that it was still “A dominant world and a dominated world“, and “it must be finished forever.”

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency.

“The Global South has what the Middle World needs,” the president said and listed food, energy, lithium and the “opportunity to demand equality,” as he concluded, “the technological revolution is unstoppable.”

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In other parts of his speech, he highlighted Argentina’s contributions in fields such as nuclear energy, biotechnology and space developments, and emphasized greater South-South cooperation in matters such as science and technology.

“There are candidates in my country who want to follow me They say that Argentina does not exist to develop science and technology. lie We have to produce, we have scientists, technicians,” he exclaimed.

On the other hand, the President He thanked nearly a hundred delegates “Always With” Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas Islands.

He added: “We are demanding that the UK return to the negotiating table, in the logic of multilateralism which has seen our territorial sovereignty broken by years of unjustified occupation of Argentine lands. My thanks to all who have come with us.”

“I come from the G20,” where the leaders agreed that the African Union “must be part” of the group, he said, and “this is an act of reparation, which guarantees that the looting will not continue.”

“At the G20 I asked for Celac to join next year as well because “it is impossible that the voice of the Caribbean islands most affected by climate change will not be represented.”

President attends G77+China meeting in Cuba

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The G77+ began this Friday in the largest of 11 rooms in the China Convention Palace, which covers an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters in one of the city’s most beautiful residential areas.

The event began with formal greetings to Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, followed by an opening ceremony in which the host president and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke.

In the room were heads of delegations from Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America and the Caribbean, including Presidents Gustavo Pedro of Colombia; From Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro; and from Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

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President of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da Silva will arrive in Havana this Friday afternoon And he will open the full day of debate tomorrow.

In the evening, the delegation will attend a dinner hosted by Díaz-Canel at the Palace of the Revolution, while the summit under the theme “Current Challenges of Development: The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation” will conclude. Tomorrow with a new session of debates and presentation of the final declaration.