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Historical agreement of the left in France | The Socialists join the solidarity movement led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Historical agreement of the left in France |  The Socialists join the solidarity movement led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

From Paris

Between tears, heartaches and hopes, fate French Socialist Party And, in addition, the French left on their own: by the middle of the week, the National Council of the PS was approved by 62% of the vote. Agreement with Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Insumisa movement Create, together Commonwealth Party Y Environmental activists call it the “New Popular Environmental and Social Union” (Knobs). This system connects All left With the exception of the NPA (the New Anti-Capitalist Party), M மெlenchon was instigated with the intention of proposing an alternative to Emmanuel Macron’s presidency during the Assembly elections next June.

This agreement has three dimensions: it is a fact for the left Historical, Of Jean-Luc Mélenchon Commitment to a long-term strategy And its meaning must be defined for the socialist party of a mercenary: the merger of France with the extreme left of the Inzumisa may be the last nail in the coffin of French socialism or the short path to rebirth. After years of PS wanting to be an ally of globalized liberalism Instead of the “Party for Social Change” and solidarity that its founder Jean Jorres dreamed of in the early 20th century.

Emmanuel Macron, The Discovery of Socialism

There is no worse proof of the inconsistency and trend of the PS than the two presidential victories of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022. The current president is not the right invention but the invention of socialism. The descriptions of the left come out because it is appropriate for them to call the responsible person their enemy. Do not. The head of state is the real product of socialist betrayals. Macron was the economic minister of Fran கடைசிois Hollande, France’s last socialist president. It appeared in that context and then came to power in 2017 with the support of many socialist voters and a coalition of PS leaders.

New Popular Environmental and Social Union This has a significant impact on a political structure where the traditional opposition represented by the two right-wing and left-wing party parties, the PS and the Republicans, has disappeared and has been replaced by the far right of the Marine Le Pen. In the second round of the 2017 and 2022 presidential elections, this greatly illustrates the absence of two parties that have led alternately over the past 50 years.

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As the candidate for Marine Le Pen, the far right took the place of the Socialists and Republicans. The caricatural disunity of the left in the April 2022 presidential election provided an additional legitimate raw material for an extreme right that thrived in the vacuum created by the collapse of traditional parties.

M மெlenchon won as leader of the new union

However, M மெlenchon never abandoned his march to the left. He pushed the engine out of the extreme wing of the left, and in 2022, he selected a new presidential candidate that was just a few meters away from him going to the second round, which was 21.95% compared to Marine Le Pen’s 23.15%. With more than 20% of the vote, France put Inzumisa on the axis that the future left will reveal. The European Ecological Greens (EELV) and the Communist Party were the first to adhere to the new popular environmental and social union, while the PS took a few more days to accept the inevitable: one or the other disappeared.

Its results in the last presidential election, 1.7%, turned the party into a kind of secret meeting. In a speech to the National Council, Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS, acknowledged that the PS had fallen into the electoral desert: “The electorate abandoned us because they thought we had nothing more to say or anything else to change.”

The “common adventure” with the other left is no exception. For example, it is nothing more than a socialist philosophy other than the concept of “left decay” proposed by Mலlenchon. In addition, the French Inzumisa moved in opposition to EU standards and the Socialists (along with ecologists) are staunch supporters of the current model. However, amidst nothing and possibilities, the PS resigned itself and, as far as Europe was concerned, accepted the proposal of the agreement, i.e. “did not respect certain rules” set by the European Union.

There is an option

The introduction of an alternative to the current power of the non-extreme right is already, however, an achievement. The poverty of the political opportunity is that this effort is coming to fill the broad expectations and, at the same time, to fulfill the aspirations of the left-wing militants who have been demanding a union for years, after the election. “We are not compromising, we are showing that we can compromise,” Faure stressed.

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That compromise with ecologists and communists was less difficult than with the Socialists. Europe, Greens, and nuclear power, with the Communists, were two major disagreements, which were dealt with by some changes in the platform, concessions, and the cooling of irreparable angles.

Deeply divided socialism took more days and a final referendum was rescheduled Red-green-pink figure who ruled France between 1997 and 2002 (plural left). This is the last time the Left has done so together. Previously, they starred in hits with a similar movement: Popular Front in 1936 The General Program of 1972 then led to the Union of the Left in 1981 In May 1981, the victory of the Socialist Franசois Mitterrand. In this 21st century, many socialists saw this deal as reactionary and disgraceful, as the PS was still the dominant party a few decades ago and it was not a wasteland.

Not everyone agrees with the agreement

Acceptance of the contract with Mélenchon is already open Leading to dissatisfaction Within the ruins of the old PS. Several figures have been proposed to maintain disgruntled candidates in the June assembly elections. Former Socialist Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve left the party Jean-Marc Ayrault, one of the heads of government for the presidency of Franுவாois Hollande, called the deal a “wrong job.”

Francois Holland, The Socialist Emperor on the Fall of the PS, The contract was “rejected”. Oxidania’s President Carol Delga has voted against and decided to choose her own candidate in next month’s assembly elections. Martine Aubry, former PS first secretary and author of the 35-hour work week law, backed the deal despite announcing “deep reservations”.

There is sea rage and chaos within the PS. A historical breakdown made clear the ambiguity of a creation that had nothing to do with the values ​​it claimed, and that the future was no longer in its hands. Francia Inzumisa conducts the band: Communists, environmentalists and socialists play the melody drawn by Jean-Luc Mலlenchon.

For the first time since 1997 (a quarter of a century …), The Left will go to the Assembly for consultation together. Fifteen years after leaving the Socialist Party (2008), Mலlenchon sees the realization of his plan, with the main idea that it is necessary to “find another left.” This is the first time that a dissident faction of socialism has sided with the PS on the left, swallowing the party and turning from a more radical proposal into a center of attraction for reform.

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Melson held the candle

Mélenchon’s history was so clear that it was a path of controversy. Arrow pointing towards the same target. In 2008, when he left the PS, Mலlenchon founded the Left Party. In 2009 he joined the Left Front with the Communists and other parties, with whom he was twice elected Vice President of Europe (2009 and 2014) and participated in the 2012 presidential election, where he came in fourth with 11.10% of the vote.

In 2016, Mன்சlenchon was inspired by the social and political movements of Latin America (Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico) and founded Francia Inzumisa (LFI). That extreme left, fracture, allowed him to run again in a presidential election in 2017. He finished fourth with 19.58%, and then, in June of that year, he was elected vice president. He returned to the presidential race in 2022, where he received twice as many votes as in 2012, 21.95%, and was third behind Macron and Le Pen.

From the Trotskyist fighters of the 1970s, to the three presidential candidacies and today known as the center of the Left’s reconsideration under the nickname Santorre, years and disasters have passed without denying Mன்சlenchon’s mistakes or failures.

We have a long way to go to find out what will happen in June, but there is already a progressive pedestal. Even those who could not tolerate M மெlenchon began to dream that, thanks to this new people’s environmental and social union, the uniqueness of the far right as the main opposition force would disappear and a decent social and political perspective would finally open up in its place. Above ..

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