February 22, 2024

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Hotsur and Los Angeles: The FIU asked the judge to define the dismissal of the CFK with an argument in favor of the vice president.

File photo of Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

In the midst of an internal crisis, as a result of the resignation of its officers, the Financial Information Division (UIF) put forward a proposal to ask Federal Oral Court 5 to respond to Christina Kirschner’s dismissal in the Hotesur / Los Sauces case. Before proceeding with reason. At the same time, and implicitly, the FIU blinked at the Vice President’s defense, claiming that he needed to be convicted before committing the crime of money laundering. This is a minority theory, which has already been discussed in other experiments such as the K cash way.

“Thus, it is not possible to prosecute a previous offense because of the questions raised by the defendants, the dual prohibition and the application of the legal principle and the guarantee for zero offenses. Clarifying the problem before resolving money laundering acts makes it inevitable that, as stated at the time, the existence of a previous offense or previous offense is an inevitable component of the existence of money laundering., Supports the FIU’s presentation he approached Infobe.

The debate is not new. Was also in the case of “way of money K” and the majority criterion of TOF 4 The offense does not require punishment before the law, but reaches a firm well-established suspicion. In fact, fraud by public works was taken into account, which is determined by the cause of the roads – where Vice President Christina Kirschner was one of the main defendants – and the tax evasion of Australian construction, which is still being investigated in several cases.

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“Most interpretation is that the pre-sentence of a previous offense is not a condition. That is the criterion used in the cash flow. But there is another minority interpretation that there must be a final judgment. Therefore, it is impossible to advance on the reasons for laundry,” explained an expert in the field.

There are only four pages in the FIU presentation that the complainant acts on and he has signed Leandro Ventura, Carlos Cruz, the outgoing head of the FIU, who was in charge of the case and a lawyer very close to Adolfo Tonin Monson.

The summary states that TOF 5 should respond immediately to Christina Kirschner’s security proposal and open the door by referring to the previous conviction of the offender. “Yes, we understand that since the above circumstances act as a fact and legal context, it is advisable to take serious precautionary measures when pursuing judicial proceedings. The very pillars of the rule of law are at stake because many criminal cases have been banned. Especially in such institutional and socially significant acts, the alleged public-private corruption activities will be investigated ”,” he said. Paragraph one says.

Two weeks ago, despite the same defensive measures demanded by experts, the vice president and his children’s lawyers, the nation’s deputy Maximo Kirschner and Florence Kirschner, They demanded his dismissal in Las Saas / Hotspur. Kirchners’ lawyer Alberto Perraldi has demanded the dismissal of Romina de Los Angeles Mercado, the daughter of the governor of Santa Cruz, and her brother-in-law Patricio Pereira Arendia.

Daniel Oblicado, President of TOF 5.  (Photo NA: Leonardo Javattaro)
Daniel Oblicado, President of TOF 5. (Photo NA: Leonardo Javattaro)

The lawsuit was probably funded by the Kirschner family of Hotspur and Las Sax. It is alleged that they hired their companies for public works during the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governments.

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Now the federal government is waiting for the prosecutor’s opinion Diego Velasco, He has until 9.30pm tomorrow to comment. In addition, the TOF 5 judges, Daniel Oblicado, Adriana Paliotti and Adrian Groenberg, They can respond to Kirschner’s presentation.

The times are stressful since Grenberg will leave that court in two weeks.

However, any decision taken by the court will be reviewed by the Chamber of Commerce Chamber I, which dismissed the Vice President for the reason of the future dollar and memorandum with Iran.

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