April 23, 2024

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Argentina wants to lead alternative regional organization to OAS | Selak principals prepare everything for the summit

This Thursday Argentina is hosting the XXII Summit of Foreign Ministers of the Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Community. In a panorama marked by the progress of progressive governments in the region, Alberto Fernandez wants Argentina to play a very leading role and act as an accent between different Latin American and Caribbean countries. That is why, as a result of lengthy negotiations and with the backing of Mexico, Argentina agreed to accept the position of pro-interim leader of the regional body. In La Rosada they confirmed that this was a significant victory for Fernandez in foreign policy. Foreign ministers will attend throughout the day and at night, attend an event attended by the President and Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro at the Kirchner Cultural Center.

President meets on the sidelines of a meeting of Seleucine leaders in Argentina. Created in 2010, the organization is made up of all US countries except the United States and Canada – and has not been in Brazil since 2020, except for itself – and acts as an alternative regional integration mechanism for the organization. States. Americans (OEA). For some time now, Alberto Fernandez, along with his Mexican vice-president Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador, has been trying to recapture Selak’s political relevance, especially after Luis Almagro’s OAS role in the plot against Evo Morales. The purpose of the two leaders, who are strategically allied in the region, is to “re-establish the organization as a specific entity that will work to enhance the political dialogue between countries escaping the agenda mandated by Washington. To do so in the interests of the region,” the Argentine Foreign Ministry defined. In this sense, the existence of progressive governments such as Louis Ars in Bolivia, Pedro Castillo in Peru and Gabriel Boric in Chile, as well as Lula’s possible arrival in Brazil, raises expectations that regional politics could be reversed. Dominance of right-wing governments for many years.

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Negotiations to continue Argentina’s candidacy for the presidency as pro-Selak began during the administration of former Foreign Minister Felipe Zola, who led a series of conversations that allowed the application of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (a country in the south). The Caribbean and the north of Venezuela). After that, Santiago Kafiro held talks. This is the situation today with AMLO having to extend Selak’s presidency for a year due to the epidemic. Argentina currently has the ratification of 31 of the 32 countries. The suspicion of Nicaragua, who opposed Argentina’s candidacy last year because of Gaza Rosada’s stance on the arrest of political leaders by Daniel Ortega’s government, only persists. Although the government hopes Nicaragua will come along, they want to be cautious for now.

“The Argentine proposal is provoking majority support from all countries, which may head President Fernandes to this mechanism until 2022, but we must wait until January 7 for fullness and listen to all voices,” Kafiro warned the Tele. Celac highlighted the importance of “all voices being taken into account, as a mechanism that excludes anyone.” “For us, the holding of the summit in Argentina is already an important achievement. Regardless of whether the plan that Argentina is going to present is selected or not, the main thing is to continue to support the integration process. No one is excluded,” he added.

Meanwhile, the agenda will begin this Thursday night at the CCK, where the President will preside over a banquet in honor of the 31 Foreign Ministers. Due to epidemiological conditions, the summit will be mixed (virtual and face-to-face), but the Foreign Ministry is seeking the help of diplomatic representatives from 30 countries, including Marcelo Ebrader (Mexican Foreign Minister and future candidate Nicaraguan Denis Moncota for the presidency of the post following the AMLO. It will raise the region’s post – epidemic agenda, as well as various strategies to combat inequality on the continent.

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The next day, Friday, a full meeting of foreign ministers will take place, which will officially determine which country will take over the presidency. The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. in Palacio San Martí, and if all goes as the government expects, Alberto Fernandez will be recognized as the new Secretary-General of the CELAC, establishing Argentina as the leading voice in this new region.