December 1, 2023

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How much does Leonore earn after taking the oath of office? This is how the salaries of the Spanish Royal House are distributed

How much does Leonore earn after taking the oath of office?  This is how the salaries of the Spanish Royal House are distributed
Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia left the Congress of Deputies after the swearing in of the Constitution. (Eduardo Parra/Europa Press)

The Princess Eleanor This Tuesday he swore to the Constitution in the Congress of Representatives. The capital has been decorated to celebrate the 18th birthday of the monarch’s first-born daughter and the Lower House has suspended its activities. Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. The heir to the throne presided over a symbolic event, which was accompanied by tight security measures and elaborate police protection. The Princess of Asturias He pledged allegiance and asked for the “faith” of the Spanish subjects. October 31 will undoubtedly be marked on the calendar because it is a before and after Real home.

In the coming months, the Princess of Asturias will begin to play a more relevant role in the political and social life of the country. With this move, the first-born of kings will assume new responsibilities. As a result, citizens wonder what effect this hike will have on the public exchequer. What activities will you do? Will Princess Leonor get a salary in old age? How much will the allowance be?

This may interest you: This is the monthly salary Princess Leonor gave up at the Zaragoza Military Academy.

Payment received by members Real home It is allocated in the general and general state budget (PGE), so it can change every year. The company usually breaks down the amounts to detail what percentage each member of the royal family receives. In 2023, the budget item was reached 8.43 million Euros. Felipe VI, head of state, receives and distributes money to support the monarchy. Princess Eleanor It ultimately depends on what your parents decide.

Princess Leonor with her father Felipe VI after swearing in the constitution. (Manu Fernandez/AP)

Not all members royal family They get public salary. Now, just Philip VI And Leticia They have this type of quota – 269,296 and 148,105 euros respectively. Queen Emeritus Sofia also gets paid 121,186 Euros, although he is not yet in office. Princesses Leonor and Sofia don’t have any sort of salary, at least for now. For his part, Emeritus –Juan Carlos I– When his son withdrew his annual stipend, he had no public salary for three years.

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The Princess Eleanor, on the other hand, renounced the cadet salary – 417 euros per month – that his colleagues at Zaragoza’s General Academy receive for military training. Students have the right to be paid of 417 euros per month In the first two years, the amount rises to 668 euros per month in the third year. The heir to the throne turned down the job. Currently, the plans for the same Philip VI, we can change the budget distribution and allocate the salary to the first-born daughter now that she is of age. Crown princes of others European royal familiesThe Dutch or the Danish, for example, charge more than a million euros.