December 2, 2023

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Princess Leonor’s swearing-in, live: what time, speeches, events in Congress and the presence of politicians and royals

Princess Leonor’s swearing-in, live: what time, speeches, events in Congress and the presence of politicians and royals

ERC, Bildu and BNG explain their absence

Joint report by ERC, Eh Bildu and BNG

The three parliamentary groups will not attend the inauguration of the Constitution of the Princess of Asturias. In the statement issued by the parties entitled No monarchy, no constitution. Democracy. Independence. Republics”

All the three political forces have indicated that in the speech “NOr we participate in legitimizing the privileges of the Royal House. According to the text, a company “Neither recognize nor respect Euskal is one of the greatest manifestations of the desires and passions of Herria, Catalonia and Galicia. Denial of civil, political and national rights of our countries.”

Also, they take the opportunity to criticize what they see as action “The tenth attempt to establish such an archaic and opaque institution as monarchy, It has systematically supported corruption and is against the interests of the people,” they write.

In this sense, with regard to the interests of the people, they point to the monarchy as an institution contrary to the interests of the citizens: “It represents the elite against the majority; Privileges and Rights, Impunity and Justice, “Equality against greed and democracy against tyranny”

“True democracy is possible only through respect and dignity Recognizing national and social rights, For the liberties and democratic wills of all peoples and nations of the state”, they conclude

Leonor swears in front of a different Spain since 1986

Eleanor, Princess of Asturias, 18 years of age and fit, to invoke Article 61.2 of the Constitution before the Cortes Generales as a symbol of national sovereignty. Like her father, Leonore would swear loyalty to the king to uphold and uphold the constitution. But that Congress has nothing to do with that Spain and Congress with 2023 Spain. The country has completely changed.

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At the time, Congress had more testosterone than cigarettes. In the Second Legislature, only 23 women have obtained the supplementary certificate. The rest, 329, were men. You can smoke in hospitals and schools Even in parliaments – the LGTBI community was not present or expected.

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The National Police is deploying 900 agents

National Police Agents. Archive the image. (David Zoragino – Europa Press)

The National Police has been mobilized Security device developed by 900 agents During the swearing-in ceremony of the Spanish Constitution of the Princess of Asturias, which will take place this Tuesday in the Congress of Representatives.

All of them will be operated from one CECOR Headquarters of the Madrid Police Headquarters, There all police units will be integrated and information will be centralized. There will be agents that belong to the device Special units of dog guides, cavalry and underground, and police intervention units, Prevention and Response Division, Mobile Traffic Police Force, Technical Interventions Task Force and Special Operations Group (GEO) etc.

Also, members of the Police Aviation Unit will be present Helicopters in service and members of the Air Defense and Security Area Responsible for detecting and neutralizing unauthorized drones. will also be Citizen security personnel from the Retiro and Moncloa-Aravaca police stationsas well as with the police of the Provincial Information Brigade.

Information prepared by Europa Press

Letters of Princess Leonor

Princess Eleanor He is one of the most famous people in Spain, however, there are still many things unknown about him. His parents, Kings Felipe and Letizia, decided to protect their privacy as much as possible, with many details remaining a mystery.

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However, this October 31st, the heir to the throne of Spain lives a life-changing day. Not only does she swear an oath to the constitution, but also cements her status as the future queen, and she becomes of legal age and becomes a more active part of the royal household’s activities. To approach his image, Infobay Spain A kind of done A dictionary with some key words that best define Princess Leonor.

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Leonor’s new role: She can now replace the king

Princess Leonor as she arrives at the 2023 Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony.

A promise of Eleanor of Bourbon Its central axis is the solemn session before the Cortes Generals (11:00 am) and concludes with another event at the Royal Palace. Philip VI Collar of the Order of Charles III imposed on his successor (13:30). After receiving the main civil decoration awarded by the government, the heir will give his first speech as an adult, followed by lunch with important officials of the state.

If she is constitutional and loyal to the king before the seat of national sovereignty, Leonore symbolizes dynastic continuity in the event of her father’s death, abdication, or incapacity, without the need for a regent. . “It is of great institutional importance, historical symbol and personal dedication,” Felipe VI reminded his daughter. At the Princess of Asturias awards ceremony in Oviedo on the 20th, the heiress assured: “I understand very well. I know what my duty is, what my responsibilities are.”

This is Leonor’s oath of office in Congress

Leonor’s affirmation leaves no room for improvisation, so that the sequence of events can be gradually discerned except in Armengol’s text, which is brief. We explain it in this information from Gaston Trelles and the following chart from the Europa Press Agency:

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Illustration with phases of Princess Leonor’s constitutional oath in the Congress of Representatives. (Europe Press)

A historic day

good morning. October 31, 2023 is a day of history in Spain. The Princess Eleanor He swears to the Constitution in the Congress of Representatives on the occasion of his coming of age, and today he turns 18, confirming himself as heir to the crown. The Lower House has been decorated to host an elaborately scaled event following the script of the event held on January 30, 1986, when Prince Philip, now king, was sworn in.

This Monday, the Fire Brigade Division put up the grand gala canopy which was transferred from the Royal Tapestry Factory to the Congress. Its weight is 215 kg.

The event starts at 11:00 am and will be brief. Only the leader of Cortes will speak, Francina Armengol. After his speech, he will order representatives and senators to stand and ask Ms. Leonor to take the oath of office. In the chamber, 350 seats have been replaced by 600 chairs, which will not accommodate pro-independence delegates. The stands are packed.

The Congress of Representatives was graced by Princess Leonor for the swearing in of the Constitution. (Eduardo Parra/Europa Press)

Juan Carlos I He will not see his granddaughter at the main moment of the day – or Emeritus Sophia – or go to official events at the Royal Palace, but will not go to a private party in El Bardo.