June 6, 2023

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How much is traded this Wednesday, April 26, 2023

He Dollar blue drops $5 in first moves, A day after the government announced intervention in the parallel exchange market after seven days of bullfighting.

The equivalent dollar falls by $5 to $490 After posting the previous round, it posted its biggest daily gain in 10 months, rising $33 to post a nominal intraday all-time high of $497.

The interval based on the official exchange rate 121.2%, something that hasn’t happened since last July.

It is noteworthy that after noon on Tuesday, some operations were completed in some caves in the city of Buenos Aires, more than $500. $505, In some provinces over $500 ($502) was covered. He spreading reached the officer 123.4%, Highest status after July 28, 2022, A few weeks after Martin Guzmán left the Ministry of Economy, when he played 145%


During the day, the Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, announced that they would use various tools at their disposal to control the price of financial dollars. Besides, the Financial Information Unit (FIU) And this National Security Commission (CNV) They raided the financial institution’s offices in the microcentro of Buenos Aires.

The central bank said on Monday Purchased for USD 106 million It ended in the green for the third consecutive round after introducing a new version of the Export Increment Program (PIE) with a temporary differential exchange rate of $300 to the dollar for the soybean complex and regional economies. Thus, The April result was positive at USD 190 million.

How Much Does the Blue Dollar Rise Over the Year?

So far 2023Blue dollar $144 to raise (+41.6%) $346 after completion in 2022.

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It should be noted that in In January, the informal dollar advanced $35 (+10.1%), while in February it accumulated a fall of $6 (-1.6%). This, in turn, increased by $20 (+5.3%) in March.

In 2022, It advanced $138 (+66.4%) after ending 2021 at $208.

And the rise of the blue dollar – The blue dollar broke a new record: it ended above $420 in most provinces

How much is a dollar today? Wednesday, April 26

He Qatari dollar – This includes 30% Country Tax, 45% will be deducted from Income Tax and Personal Property TaxAnd 25% new concept On account of personal assets – fixed $455.36.

This exchange rate applies Consumption abroad With debit and credit cards Over US$300 per person per month.

For his part, he Savings Dollar or Unity Dollar -Includes 30% exemption on national tax and 35% exemption on income tax and personal property- Effective without changes At $375.67.

Meanwhile, the Dollar WholesalerIt is directly regulated by BCRA, It closed up 68 cents $221.55.

How much did the MEP dollar trade on Wednesday, April 26?

For his part, he Dollar MEP or pi -Driven with GT30 bond- It lost $1.02 (-0.2%) to trade at $446.48. Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar stands at 101.5%.

How much is the CCL dollar, Wednesday April 26

He Dollar “calculated with liquid” (CCL) – Operated with GD30 bond – down $9.2 (-2%) to trade at $456.77. Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar stands at 106.2%.

How much is the tourist dollar, Wednesday April 26

He Tourist dollar or card -Deductible concept of 30%, and 45% of retailer and country tax Income tax And personal property for Consumption by cards abroad Up to US$300 per month- fixed quote $398.44.

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What is a blue dollar?

Respect The dollar is blue It has a significant difference with the official dollar, which is bought in banks and has an established price. Its sale is in the informal market, without regulations or limits, and for this reason it is usually run at a higher value than the official dollar.

Why is it called the blue dollar?

Its origin is unclear The dollar is blue as a name Ticketing activity in the informal market. But there are theories.

The explanation of its name is that it is so called because in English, “blue”, apart from naming the color blue, means something “dark”.

Another theory concerns the purchase of operations through bonds or shares of companies known as “blue chips”. They associate it with the approximate color that appears when the fiber is used to detect counterfeit bills.

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