June 2, 2023

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She was 83, he was 37: they celebrated their second wedding anniversary despite the suspicions of friends.

83-year-old Iris Jones and 37-year-old Mohammed Ahmed are a couple drew the attention of users on social networks for their significant age difference.

An English woman and an Egyptian met through Facebook and began a long-distance relationship. A few months later, they were already in love. They decided to get married in 2020. However, they had to wait almost a year to physically meet again after they said OK in Cairo.

But distance seems to be no obstacle. Because on their YouTube account they have shared videos of their second anniversary celebration.

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Celebration of couples

Many users congratulated them in the video for celebrating two years together and overcoming adversity. Mohamed, a business executive, told the British media and reiterated that he did not want anything from him, as many on social networks had said very cruel things about the man, pointing out that he was after the woman’s money.

Both appeared in shows like this morning They tell their love story and reassure them that their feelings are genuine And they are more in love than ever, now that they have been married for two years.

“I don’t care what they say, I enjoy my life with her. I know her and she knows me. Many comments are from lonely and unhappy people. We are enjoying our life, there are no limits if you truly love someone,” Ahmed said in a video he regularly shares on his YouTube channel, Iris Mohammed. said.

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The couple has been showing off various parts of their routine on social media

Among these Clips Both are seen sharing special dates, celebrating and expressing their love. “Love keeps us together. He’s a skilled welder and he set my heart on fire,” Iris said in a video.

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