February 28, 2024

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Invasion of Ukraine: They demand the replacement of Christina Kirschner’s key figure and the Russian side in the Foreign Ministry.

Invasion of Ukraine: They demand the replacement of Christina Kirschner’s key figure and the Russian side in the Foreign Ministry.

The Constituency of National Representatives of the Civil Alliance Today he presented a plan Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro is scheduled to address the House About level creation Argentina’s delegates to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, March 23.

Proposed that the Constituent Assembly of the CC be the Chancellor Explain the sending of the allocated cable from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Argentine delegation to the United NationsIn which he insists Support resolutions that fail to condemn the responsibility of the Russian Federation Regarding the illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory and the humanitarian crisis it has unleashed.

By the way it was known Infobae Site Release, In which A series of secret documents sent to Christina Kirschner against the decision of the official confidant and Gaza Rosada was exposed. Should condemn Russian actions in Ukraine.

Officer in charge Secretary of State Pablo Dettomondi, who sent the cable recommending avoidance of condemnation of the invasion., Contrary to the position of the Minister of External Affairs. CC asks him to relocate.

“The actions of the Secretary are a disrespect to the position he holds in the current geopolitical environment and have an extraordinary appeal. And it could have serious repercussions for our country and the region, ”he said.

As well as Kafiro is asked to explain the role of Tetamandi and Argentina’s Permanent Representative to the UN Maria del Carmenschef in shaping the position of the Argentine delegation. And if it has instructed brief information or if it has been accepted or if it has adopted disciplinary action relating to the actions of the Secretary of State.

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“The actions of Secretary-General Dattamandi place our country under the unjustifiable prejudice of the established policy of historic government. Why is it appropriate that he be released from his post and from all representation in the Argentine government? ”They added.

Both projects were produced by Maximiliano Ferro and are signed by national representatives Juan Manuel Lopez; Paula Olivetto; Mariana Stillman; Monica Fred; Ruben Mansi; Carolina Costates; Mariana Zuvić; Leonor Martinez Villada; Marcela Campagnoli and Victoria Borrego; All members of the CC module.