April 22, 2024

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Irene Montero | “Enough of Political Violence”

Irene Montero |  “Enough of Political Violence”

President Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner expressed themselves Solidarity and support to Spain’s Minister for Equality, Irene MonteroA victim of the political violence of the Spanish far right.

The vice president first showed his support for Montero, meeting him in the first days of November – during his visit to Argentina. Share video of officer defending himself against arrogant attacks and saying “enough of political violence”.

The post, uploaded by the Spanish minister to his social networks and later retweeted by the vice president, contained part of Montero’s speech before the Congress of Representatives, after being the target of strong criticism from Vox leaders who pointed out without objection. Against his personal life, against the backdrop of the debate on the ‘yes only yes’ law.

I request that the political violence carried out at this time be included in the session journal. It cannot be destroyed in the seat of popular sovereignty. So no one comes after me. Everyone can remember political violence and its enablers. We can know that we are more feminists and democrats and that we are going to the feet of these fascists with more rights,” Montero said in front of a room, as she gave a standing ovation.

The minister’s words came at Wednesday’s session where the Equality Ministry’s budget plans are being discussed, after representatives from Vox, including Carla Toscano, spoke. His partner and founder of Unitas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, was the only credit attributed to him for being “deeply educated.”

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After the video airs, President Alberto Fernandez also sent a message to the Spanish leader. “Political and sexual violence against women is intolerable and we must strongly reject it every time it happens. Our solidarity with Minister Irene Montero, victim of the brutal attacks today.”He wrote on his Twitter account.

Violent extreme right

Anything goes to the extreme right.Even the insults, so he made it clear on Wednesday when he said the Equality Minister’s “only qualification” was to “study Pablo Iglesias deeply”.

This reference is a personal relationship between the Minister and the former Deputy Chairman of the Central Government This prompted a reaction from the groups PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, Bildu and CUP, as words like “shame, shame”, “it’s not” and “it’s not worth it all” were heard.

Additionally, a few hours later, the Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez spoke about what happened. “We stand together against sexual violence. Denying it is a way to enable it. Raising it on the Congress floor crosses the line into intolerance. We will move forward with determination and resolve. My support, Irene Montero“, he wrote on Twitter.

In the same way, Yolanda Díaz, the second vice-president, affirmed that “macho insults and attacks are intolerable” to tell Montero in Congress that “everything in politics is not valid” and that Spain is “better than that”. Party of Hate.”

Montero in Argentina

In the first days of NovemberThe Spanish Equality Minister was visiting Argentina. Within the framework of the XV Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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In those days, Met President Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

He also visited the former Esma and highlighted it Argentina “is a country that has a lot to teach Spain in terms of memory, and this is an example“, because its people have decided not to “forget, state terrorism, enforced disappearances, the loss of many fighters to condemn a strategy planned by the state for democracy and freedom”.

In the same sense, he added: “I believe that the Spanish right has a lot to learn from the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, memory and respect for the human rights of the Argentine people and the ability to speak truth, justice, repetition and non-repetition.“.