December 8, 2023

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the death of a Peruvian soldier who was fighting Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the death of a Peruvian soldier who was fighting Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel
The Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Brandon Flores Garcia, who was stationed at a military base near the Gaza border. | Latin News

Three days after the terrorist attack Hamas to do Israel, a Peruvian national has been confirmed dead amid this conflict in the Middle East. About Brandon Flores Garcia, a Peruvian-Israeli soldier on the front lines of the war. People who knew him said he had been missing since Saturday, October 7.

A relative of his reported the incident on Twitter in the early hours of Tuesday, October 10. In that release, the Israeli Embassy in Peru expressed its condolences. So far, there are three other missing companions: Doctor Daniel Levy, Rufina Pereira and another unidentified person.

For his part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs He made the news official through a statement on Twitter. “He Peru Govt My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Brando David Flores Garcia, and I hope the family finds peace in this painful time,” the text said.

Brandon Flores has been living in Israel since 2018 and disappeared three days ago – Jewish Community of Bucalpa

“Similarly, through our diplomatic and consular mission in Israel, the Peruvian government continues to work to provide information and assistance to the Peruvian community in the country, and to identify and search for missing comrades,” he added.

“The family lives here, they live in a city called Ramla. Most of them are from Iquitos or Bucalpa. A community that has settled here for ages. The truth is they are dual citizens, they are quotas for the Israeli forces. 300,000 reservists have been recruited. We are at war, saving water, food, electricity. “Prime Minister Netanyahu has come out to put it because it will be a long war (…) there is a lot of tension, we keep hearing rockets,” he said. Latin Manuel Cacho-Souza, Ambassador of Peru to Israel.

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The diplomat pointed out that there were Peruvians recruited to fight in this international conflict. In the interview Chanel N He did not have the exact number of comrades summoned, but indicated that it could be more than 100.

“We have to bear in mind that the Peruvian community living (here) has ties to Israel, they are Peruvians – Jews, they have been here for a few years, they have roots here. (…) The government has recruited 300,000 reservation workers and many Israeli Peruvians have also recruited them,” he said.

Peruvian ambassador to Israel notes that bombings have continued since the conflict began on Saturday, October 7 – Captured by Infobay Peru / Canal N / BBC

Cacho-Sousa also indicated that the 70 comrades who were in Tel Aviv for tourism and are stranded due to the conflict will return to their country today, Tuesday the 10th morning.

Due to the state of emergency in the affected country, some international airlines did not enter the airports. A spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs said that the people of that country are safe and are in constant touch with them.

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shared emergency lines, available 24 hours a day, so that citizens with relatives in Israel can contact authorities.

You can email [email protected] or call +972 52 7050868 or +972 50 3421923. Peruvians residing in Israel, whether residents or tourists, have also been circulated this link to register:

Unlike the majority of Peruvians living in Israel, Daniel Levy worked near the Gaza Strip – compilation credit Infobae Perú

Likewise, Aran Sangam and Ministry of Immigration and Absorption Israel Provides psychosocial support to new immigrants and returning residents with expert assistance Middle East.

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