September 29, 2023

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Is Jean Mardenborough’s movie accurate?

Is Jean Mardenborough’s movie accurate?

While the dominance of anthology films in the world of superheroes remains unchallenged, Hollywood is finding a way to make money from another staple of popular culture: video games.

There’s another $1.36 billion earned by “The Super Mario Bros.” And now comes “Gran Turismo” (in theaters now), a live-action movie Exploiting the popularity of the Sony PlayStation car racing simulator.

While the former was purely cartoonish fiction, “Gran Turismo” is backed by a true story. But as with most films, liberties were taken.

Here’s a breakdown of fact and fiction with the help of “Gran Turismo” star Archie Madekwe and the man who plays him, famous video game player turned professional race car driver Jan Mardenborough.

Did Nissan and Sony really sponsor a contest to see if a skilled video gamer could race a sports car?

In 2008, Nissan Europe marketing executive Darren Cox (a character based on him named Danny Moore played by Orlando Bloom) launched the Nissan GT Academy with Sony. The idea was to capitalize on the growing popularity of the racing simulator, whose teenage players would soon become the next generation of car buyers.