April 13, 2024

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Isabel Díaz Ayuzo, Spanish PP's sweetheart, is cornered by her boyfriend's legal problems and shady dealings.

Isabel Díaz Ayuzo, Spanish PP's sweetheart, is cornered by her boyfriend's legal problems and shady dealings.

In the eye of the storm for several days for the tax crimes of his partner, the head of the Madrid community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, did not give up: Responds to those calling for his resignation saying he was the victim of political persecution, accusing Pedro Sánchez's government of using “chavista” methods to harm him.

“I believe that all the instruments and powers of the state are being used against a person to cause political damage to an enemy, which seems to me chavista and very extreme,” she said Monday in defense of her boyfriend. When visiting a car finance company.

Diaz Ayuzo, 45 years old, He is one of the most relevant figures of the Spanish Popular Party Alberto Núñez, the current leader of the party, is the only one who can overshadow Feijo's leadership.

She won the regional elections in May last year – a few weeks ago a gossip magazine spotted her kissing her current partner Alberto González Amador in Ibiza – and He was re-elected with an absolute majority.

However, investigations by the prosecutor's office Possible tax fraud and alleged document falsification Her boyfriend of nearly three years – with whom she lives in an expensive apartment – smears the regional leader and pushes her into a corner.

A week earlier, when Díaz Ayuso defended her, the Spanish press announced that she was his fiancée Recognized two tax offences He was willing to pay in installments to avoid investigation.

But the regional leader had a different story: “As far as I know, My partner is suffering from a wild tax attack It affects 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022, delaying almost 600 thousand euros that the Treasury owes you,” Diaz Ayuzo said on Wednesday, March 13.

Online newspaper eldiario.es For days, the Spanish press has been publishing in juicy volumes the details engulfing González Amador, who posed as a “health technician.” During the pandemic.

“We're Gonna Crush You”

According to the online newspaper, González Amador allegedly tried to sell Covid vaccines to Ivory Coast – a country ranked 170 out of 189 in the 2018 World Bank Human Development Index classification. At five times the market price. This action would not have been carried out but for González Amador to have issued a false invoice.

“Ayuzo's partner company 3.7 million invoice“Zero employees, one computer, one printer and one Porsche Panamera” is another eldiario.es headline.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo and the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Photo by Cézaro De Luca

One of its journalists, Esther Palomera, reported that Isabel Díaz Ayuzo was threatened by the chief of staff, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

“We're going to crush you, you gotta shut up. “Screw you, fools.”Rodriguez tells Palomera in a WhatsApp chat.

The Madrid president defended his chief of staff: “Two people who have had a relationship of trust for more than 30 years are arguing on WhatsApp, I don't understand why this is happening,” he said.

From the PP they continue to support Díaz Ayuso and look the other way: “It is not mine to judge private conversations that are made public to the detriment of the people,” said Miguel Tellado, PP's parliamentary spokesman, this Tuesday. .

Data leakage

The Madrid Bar Council announced that it would condemn the publication of information about the president's partner.

From the attorney's office, they promise “Only essential information is reported.”

“I answer for the community of Madrid There is absolutely nothing to it In this story,” Díaz Ayuzo said Monday.

“It seems to me a complete scandal, taking into account what is happening in Spain,” he defended himself. “We have an amnesty law, which is a deeply corrupt law.”

Díaz Ayuso stated that Sánchez is the latest amnesty law for the Catalan independence movement He struck a deal with separatism in exchange for their support for his re-election.

The law was approved by the Congress of Representatives last Thursday, and this Tuesday it passed in the Senate, where the majority of the PP will try to delay it as long as possible.

Corruption conspiracy

The current PSOE-Sumar coalition government is also going through tough times. The depreciation caused by the implementation of the amnesty for the Catalan independence movement, Corruption conspiracy in procurement of masks In the most heartbreaking days of the pandemic, many prominent names have been splashed within the party.

However, President Pedro Sánchez called for the resignation of the Madrid regional president during last week's government control session.

Pedro Sánchez, head of the Spanish government, confronted Ayuzo.  AP photoPedro Sánchez, head of the Spanish government, confronted Ayuzo. AP photo

“I demand that you ask for the resignation of Mrs. Ayuzo As the leader of the community of Madrid,” Sánchez told opposition leader Núñez Feijóo.

“Let him be brave, let him be brave, and let Ms. Ayuzo resign from Madrid society, even if it costs her position like Mr. Casado,” Sanchez reminded him.

In 2022, Pablo Casado, president of the PP and Had to resign After the autonomous community of Madrid announced that it had awarded a contract to the company of a friend of Isabel Díaz Ayuzo's brother in the midst of the pandemic.

“I'm stabbing, I'm not bleeding”

“It is a grotesque act and an insult to the citizens to appear these days to give the alleged explanations. Mrs. Ayuzo must explain whether she enjoys the house, the Maseratis and other assets that are the result of tax fraud,” said the PSOE spokesperson.

The Madrid president had already made comments about the apartment he shares with his partner: “It's a million-dollar apartment (department), it's not mine.”It's mortgaged, it's legal” he said last Wednesday.

“I've been living in a rental for almost 20 years,” Diaz Ayuzo said. I go with my partner who lives at home. He is an individual and can buy any house he wants. I have the right to sleep in the bed I choose and that doesn't mean I'm responsible for anything.

He then canceled his commitment schedule for two days and returned to the ring only this Monday, when he shot Pedro Sánchez during a visit to a private company: “If he wants to continue to live, the government has to stop accepting it. Agreed, stop trying to make all of us Spaniards look like idiots, they No more holding the president to a referendum, self-determination and the destruction of Spain.

“I got punched and I don't bleed.”“, summed up his experience with the Madrid presidential attacks.

Isabel Díaz Ayuzo had planned to go to Argentina in the second half of April before the Spaniards got the details of the leaks about her boyfriend's possible tax crimes. But now that tour has been put on hold.