April 22, 2024

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Mexico: Scheinbaum leads poll | A few months before the presidential election

Mexico: Scheinbaum leads poll |  A few months before the presidential election

Mexico's ruling party presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum leads with 58% of voting intentions.more than 20 points ahead of his nearest competitor, according to a survey published by the newspaper on Tuesday. reformation It was revealed that the elections were going to be held on June 2.

Sheinbaum, of the ruling National Regeneration Movement (MORENA). He is leading by 24 points Compared to 34% of the vote for Xóchitl Gálvez, the candidate of the Fuerza y ​​​​Corazón por México coalition. Jorge Álvarez Menez of the opposition Citizens Movement will get 8% of the vote.

It is revealed that this is the first survey reformation After the official start of presidential election campaigns on March 1st. In a survey in December, Sheinbaum received 54% of the vote and Gálvez only 29%, but the MC candidate at the time for governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, received 17% support.

Details of survey

Regardless of preferences, two out of every three voters, 65%, believe the ruling party's candidate will win the election.. Also, 64% of voters have a “very good/good” opinion of Sheinbaum and only 14% have a “bad/very bad” opinion, while 38% have a positive opinion of Gálvez and 26% have a negative opinion. As for Maness, 54% of those surveyed do not know him, 22% have a positive opinion and 13% have a negative opinion.

to CongressMorena gets 46% support, the Green Ecology Party of Mexico (PVEM) gets 6% and the Workers Party (PT) gets 4%. Parties aligned with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador amassed 56%.. In opposition, the National Action Party (PAN) Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) gets 15%, while the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) gets 4%, for a total of 3.4%. Finally, MC will get 8% votes and independent candidates will get 2% votes.

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On June 2 Mexico celebrates the largest elections in its history, with more than 97 million people called to renew 20,375 federal positions, including the presidency, 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 128 seats in the Senate. As nine state governments.

Immigration problem

In conjunction with the release of the poll results, Scheinbaum visited the border of Reynosa, located in the state of Tamaulipas, where he promised to reach out to the president-elect of the United States if he won the election. “We're going to insist, whoever comes in, President Trump or President Biden, whoever they (Americans) decide is their president, we're going to get closer. “We are going to work on what we think is a comprehensive solution to the common problem of migration, which is cooperation for development,” he said. At a press conference.

Candidate Morena indicated that if he were to become president of Mexico, he would support humanitarian treatment for migrants in border areas. “We're going to support immigrants, but we're going to continue to emphasize that the fundamental solution is to avoid immigration,” he explained. and emphasized that development cooperation with its northern neighbors would be a key migration policy.

With an almost 77% increase in Mexico irregular migration to more than 782,000 detected in 2023, migration became a relevant issue in the electoral context due to the unprecedented flow of migration in the region in recent years. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), US authorities detained 124,220 illegal immigrants at the Mexico border in January, a 50% decrease from December.

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“Integration Yes, Obedience No”

This is not the first time Scheinbaum has addressed the issue of migration within the framework of the campaign. On March 3, he asked Trump and Biden to prevent the immigration issue from dominating their campaigns. “Don't use the issue of migration as the central issue of elections in the United States and especially against Mexican women and men,” the candidate said at a press conference in Ciudad Juárez.

Two days ago, before tens of thousands of supporters gathered in the country's main public square, the Zócalo, the poll favorite said his final government would be “respectful” to the United States, of which Mexico is its biggest trading partner. . “There is always a good will for integration, but it is up to us to respect sovereignty. Integration yes, submission no. We will never bow down,” Sheinbaum asserted..

A loyalist of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for two decades, Squire said Mexican foreign policy would follow the constitutional principles of “self-determination, non-intervention and fraternity”. Russian invasion of Ukraine.