February 24, 2024

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Israel claims responsibility for killing three Hamas hostages | They were hoisting the white flag when they were shot.

Israel claims responsibility for killing three Hamas hostages |  They were hoisting the white flag when they were shot.

The Israeli government and army on Saturday claimed responsibility for the accidental deaths of three hostages fired by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip.There is increasing pressure from the families of the abductees for a new ceasefire that would allow them to be released after more than 70 days of fighting.

“The Israel Defense Forces, and I as its commander, are responsible for what happened and will do everything possible to prevent such cases from happening again in the future,” stressed Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army Herzi Halevi. In a press release.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Army’s Southern Command, the three were abducted They were hoisting the white flag when they were shot.. “They did everything they could to make us understand: they moved shirtless so that we wouldn’t suspect they were carrying a load on their bodies, they had a white cloth,” Halevi said.

Claims of family members

The hostages’ families saw the incident as the straw that broke the camel’s back.. They gathered in what they called “Hostage Square” in Tel Aviv and demanded that the Israeli government reach a new deal with Hamas that would allow them to be released. “A military operation alone will not save the lives of the abductees,” warned Ras Ben Ami, who was captured by the Islamist group before being released during a ceasefire last November. “The war cabinet’s inaction will not bring them back alive. It is urgent to bring back abductees instead of prisoners.” He included a woman whose husband was still in the hands of the Islamist group.

“We have to release the terrorists with blood on their hands to free the hostages, otherwise my son is going to come home in a body bag,” said Ruby Chen, a spokeswoman for some of the families whose son was arrested by Hamas. “The War Cabinet needs to meet with us and tell us what kind of offer is on the table, and tell us in person, because now it’s easier to talk to (US President Joe) Biden than to talk to these people,” he said in collected comments. The Times of Israel.

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Of the 240 people kidnapped by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7, 128 remain hostages, twenty of whom are believed to be dead. Last month’s ceasefire allowed the release of 105 hostages, including 24 foreigners, in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners.

The army advanced

At war level, At least 14 people died in YabalyaNorth of the Strip, and dozens were injured when a bomb hit a house Many people are trapped under the rubblePalestinian News Agency reported WAFA. “A young man also died in Tal al-Zadar, north of the territory, when an Israeli sniper shot him inside his home,” he added.

He Kamal Advan Hospital siege, In Beit Lahia – one of the few functioning medical centers in the north – for the eighth consecutive day, it has taken a heavy toll. Lack of food and water. “The occupying forces ordered all medical personnel, wounded and bystanders to gather in their yards in cold weather, while 12 children were kept in incubators without water, food or medical care,” the agency condemned, based on witness testimonies. . “The forces have also destroyed the southern part of the hospital and are attacking anyone moving there,” he added.

Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Health Minister May Al-Qaila called for an international investigation after receiving the information. The Israeli army reportedly buried many people in Gaza alive near the hospital. “The world must take serious steps to uncover the circumstances and not tolerate or remain silent on information coming from the Strip,” he stressed in a statement.

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Troops also attacked al-Mudasim Billah and al-Farafi schools in central Gaza City, where Hamas members were said to be hiding. “The troops killed the terrorists in the clashes in the area, while other terrorists hiding inside the schools surrendered and were arrested,” an army statement said.

According to the latest balance sheet of the Gaza Ministry of Health, The death toll rose to 18,800 – most of them women and children – and more than 51,000 were injured., in response to a Hamas terrorist attack that killed 1,200 people, including twenty Argentines, within the framework of the attack on the Strip. However, due to difficulties in contacting hospitals and local governments to update data, the Gaza ministry’s estimates may be higher. Fifth Total Internet and Communications Blackout in the Palestinian Territories The war started on Saturday and continued for the third day in a row.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that his country will take over security in Gaza once the war ends. And Hamas will be eliminated. “Among friends we must tell the truth and not foster illusions, even more so on an existential and exceptional issue like this. So I repeat to our friends: after the elimination of Hamas, the Gaza Strip will be militarized, it will be militarized. Controlling Israel’s security, there will be no factor that threatens us, we “Nor is it educating its children to destroy,” Netanyahu insisted.

Regional tension

Besides, The Israeli military doubled its intersection with Lebanon. Two explosive-laden drones crossed the border from the Arab country and hit several positions in southern Lebanon with artillery after infiltrating its territory. “Following sirens sounding in northern Israel because of a hostile drone intrusion, Israel’s air defense system intercepted a drone crossing from Lebanon,” a military statement said. A second drone was identified and fell in Margaliot in northern Israel, he added, adding that no specific militants were responsible for the attack.

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while, Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched attacks on Israel from their territory, which were intercepted. In the Red Sea, one of its warships shot down at least 14 drones belonging to Yemen’s Houthi rebels early in the morning, the US military’s Central Command said in a statement.

Likewise, Houthi attacks have caused many companies to suspend their operations in the region, which could have very serious economic consequences for international trade. This group from last weeks Attacks all ships sailing through the Arabian Sea and Red Sea towards Israel, a move they will continue until Palestinians in Gaza receive the humanitarian aid they need.. Precisely, Friday was the most violent day against international maritime navigation in those waters after at least three ships were attacked, two of these attacks claimed by the Houthis.